Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wing Sung 612

Last night on Twitter, DIYSara asked about the fountain pen only experiment and I told her my heavy hitter today was my Wing Sung 612. I kept Bay State Blue in this for a while and I am pretty sure it stained the plastic. (click for larger view) I have not tried to polish and remove it yet, but it's definitely there. No Biggie.

There are a ton of Hero pens similar to this on Ebay and at a really good price. I got this one un-inked as a present a few years ago.
It's been in heavy use since then. The packaging makes me think that one was a little older, but I am not sure of the date. I have no idea
how they date these (if they do at all.)

Believe me, this is really cheap paper with Private Reserve ink and I could use this combo all day long without a bleed or a feather or a glob. It's a Parker knock off and I don't try to pretend it's a 51. It's an honest pen that puts an honest line of ink on the paper and to me, that is refreshing.
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clem said...

wow! a wing sung! i also have these "inexpensive pens", a wing sung, several youth and hero pens, and they're great! i'm not so much a fan of hooded nibs, but i got 3 hero pens with hooded nibs, one vintage superior 330 from the 60s, and a hero 330 which is very, very similar to the superior. great writers, all of them!

Emu said...

you have no idea how excited i am to find a photo of my pen's model on the internet! i'v had mine for about 15 years and it still writes soooo well. the handle has fallen of and the gold coloured screw at the back has been lost for 10 or so years. but the pen itself doesn't give in. and i absolutely love the fine tip.

Ankur said...

It was nice to know that a lot of people are fans of this pen. I had my own set of wing sungs and I loved them