Thursday, November 3, 2011

The times they are a Changing...

Quick update:  Here's my post from Vegas a few short months ago.  Sadly, all I had with me were 4 pens and two pencils for 5 days in the desert.  It was clear that I had lost some faith in my ability to love pens and the need for writing material.

Bob Dylan (I know, I know) wrote that "The Times they are a Changing" and they definitely were.  Here we are now for a quick 2 night business trip to Chicago and there's a huge difference.  19 Pens (not all shown) and 2 pencils are in my bag..  That includes two fountain pens and not even close to my favorite Dylan song.  I think I have spared you of that until now. Girl of the North Country might top my list. 3rd and 4th verse. Hits hard.
That is a full and happy bag and worth every ounce of dragging it around the city. It's nice to have a choice in the arsenal and good to know that there are writing options as the needs comes up.   I haven't given up my electronic friends though...also in my bag are two laser pointers,  a stylus, laptop, iPad 2, wireless mouse, Garmin GPS and about 20 GB's of storage. If the Stationary Apocalypse ever comes, I will be prepared.

And as for the contest...I could be waaaay off,  but I think your guesses might be low. If I can drag 19 pens around  in my bag  imagine how many I can shove into a shoe box?  Still open through Friday so keep them coming. Possibly even a video reveal.  Kinda like Oprah  revealing her secret sister...only not as awkward.
So the lesson learned is: break out of that funk.  Break the rules,  go nuts. Change it up and fix things.

Good Pens.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

New Good Pens Contest!

Have you ever watched A&E's TV show "Hoarders"? It's scary and freakish. I tend to go in the opposite direction and stay as minimalist as possible with my stuff. However, when it comes to pens...all rules are off. If A& E ever came to my house to start de-cluttering my pens they (and I) would have a serious issue. I would sort of just ball up and shake back and forth until they pried the last ballpoint from my cold dead hands (too far?) So, as I was going through an old desk in my basement this week...I found this box. Here's the deal...I haven't opened it. I did have one note on the box (above) letting me know the contents.

This contest is easy. Leave a comment on this post with the number of pens that you think are in the box. Closest to the correct amount wins. I don't care if you go over or not, just whoever is closest. Winner gets a Prizepack, I have some Uniballs, some fountain pen ink, I might even throw in a fountain pen that I just reviewed and a small journal might find its way in there also. It will be a good one trust me.

Side contest... I know you are not trained monkeys but the post that makes me laugh the most gets a runner up prize.

One clue that might help... the box was kinda heavy. There's not just 2 pens rattling around in there. The contest ends Friday at Midnight Eastern and even my International friends and welcome to enter (even if you are in Assam.)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Oh and I must have dropped some friend links off of the blog roll, if you want to share links let me know and I will get you back in there. Thanks.