Friday, February 20, 2009

Papermate Gel -Writer

I have 2 distinct memories from 1996. One was living in Georgia for the Olympics in Atlanta and the other is buying this pen. (Only one of those is true, I don't actually remember buying this pen.) But I am pretty sure this pen came out around then.

Feel free to ask, but I am not sure why I still have this pen, or why it still writes pretty well. I don't use it, it's not cherished, it just is here if I ever need a 12 year old Gel point that writes a .7ish blue line. Oh, the writing on the end of the barrel says "fine." Yeah, right"

It wasn't exactly the prettiest of pens, but it does stand out a little with the black and blue swirls.

Googling for this pen, I came up a little empty other than someone selling an ad for this exact pen (dated 1996) Let me know if you remember this one from back in the day.

Have a great weekend, the contest annoucement is coming on Monday and I think it's a fountain pen.
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Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Before Shots: A new Fountain Pen

Part of the fun of getting a fountain pen for a dollar is seeing what it's inside. It could be a shining star or it could be less than stellar.

Aha! A Gold(ish) nib that is fairly smooth. I will take that any day. A few ink stains that I am sure will come out. Should be a nice Wearever when I am done.

And a busted sac. No biggie, came out clean in two pieces. I didn't have to scrape out 50 years of crust and ink and whatever in there. The filler lever was in good shape, it should be a simple fresh sac, polish and enjoy. Some may argue that it doesn't really make sense to put a $4 sac in a $1 pen, but I disagree. I will get the afters out in another post once I finish it.

This has nothing to do with the post other than that is a camera shot of a camera looking at pens. Click for a better view and have a good day.
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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Multi Pen Hell (and new contest tease)

I own at least three multi pens. I do not love any of them. There are some things that can be combined nicely. For example:
1. Mp3 player and a phone--Check -I use those.
2. Baseball and peanuts (der)
3. Bacon and Everything. -awkward silence- (Sorry, I just wandered off for a few moments for a stroll down Bacon lane.)

The problem is that I am picky about individual pens and when you add the opportunity for multiple bad pens in one pen housing. I suddenly lose interest and wander back to the pens I know will write red when I ask. Did my friend George S. Parker back in the day as he was about to put the finishing touches on a Parker 51 say "you know, we should add a stylus to this?" No. he. did. not.

It's also sort of a pen lotto when I click the button to see which tip might pop out. I don't even own anything that uses a stylus anymore. I know there is a new breed of multi-pens out there and I probably should give them a shot and I might one day. But these three are going back into the drawer neatly labeled "Do not talk about."

Ok, sorry for the rant. There will be a new contest coming this week or Monday latest with some fun new rules in place (as soon as I think them up) and a cool prize. More to follow.
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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Esterbrook Advanced Flo-master

Happy Presidents day (belated). As most of you know I take holidays off on Good Pens but wanted to pass along a little knowledge to you.
Did you know that President Harding wore size fourteen shoes? He had the largest feet of all the presidents. It's true. Feel free to tell all your friends.

Remember back in the day when markers first came out? Yeah, I don't either. But my pen collection has an old reminder and here we have the Esterbrook (That's right I said Esterbrook) Advanced Flo-master writing thingy.

I have a deep love for my Esterbrooks, although the love sort of stops here. I guess the idea of a refillable felt tip pen full of lead based ink appealed to some people in the world in the 50's. You still see these in the marketplace every now and then, usually for a ten spot or less and I am not sure anyone is actually doing anything with these other than staring at the Esterbrook marking on the cap.

It does have a good look to it, parked here on top of my Storm I could see carrying this around. I understand there were different tips and colors you could purchase. I will stick to my Sharpies (which first showed up in 1964)
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Moonman AKA The Camry

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