Friday, October 3, 2008

Lamy # 1

Click for larger views. I think most people have a Lamy in their collections. They are easy to find, not that expensive, look good in your hand and I think I might own about 25 of them. But this is the first Lamy I ever bought. It's not perfect, I have to convince it to flow some days, but what it lacks in starting ability, it makes up for in finesse. Sort of like having to hand crank a Volvo wagon. Yes I said it, Lamy's are the Volvo's of Fountain pens= Solid, steady, a lot of people own them. I know Lamy is a German company and Volvo's are Swedish, but whatever. I do some art with my Fountain pens and the Lamy is usually not an empty pen. Birthday edition of Good Pens, so off to work, then Sushi, then go Red Sox again.
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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Fortune favors the Brave. Cross Pen

I have never been a huge fan of Cross Pens. (founded in 1846 in R.I. if anyone ever asks you.) Mainly because they were too skinny for my hands, but this is the phat version. What I love about this pen is the way it closes and caps. Little rubber gaskets create a nice little seal and it just feels well built. Another medium, so I do not do a ton of writing with it, but its nice in the box and I know it is there if needed. Again, no idea where I got this one. It's kind of sad, I have a good memory, but as I pull these pens out to shoot them... I have no idea where they came from. I stayed up to watch the Red Sox, yes they won. (yay) Tomorrow, by the way will be my birthday edition of Good Pens.
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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

An old friend comes to town

As always click for much bigger photos. The Pentel Tradio! A true Hybrid of pens, it's not a Roller, it's not a traditional Fountain, I am not sure what it is, but I know I like to write with it and the refills are not cheap to come by. Ok, I know I have to get a light box together as well. My photos need some love despite the fact I have a much better camera than I need (Nikon D80) And yes, this is the box of pens I found in my house yesterday. I moved 2 years ago, so I know it's at least that long since I saw this. Scary I know, I have to dig through it and promise to post a few pens from here. Unless they are all crap, then, well, you know. I usually grab this pen when I want a hassle free writing session. I dont have to worry about refilling, or skips, or leaving the cap off for a few minutes it just goes, it's the Toyota Camry of Pens. Heck, might even be the Corolla of pens, but it writes well and makes me happy. Oh, and Redsox playoffs start tonight so Go Sox and all that.
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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Bill Night

Last night was bill writing night, Which is usually just an excuse for me to fire up a nice pen and enjoy writing. So I grabbed this one, filled with some fresh ink, got it running and went to doing my part to support the economy.    As I was writing, I realized I had no idea where I got this pen. I always loved the way it looked, but I do not remember buying it, so it was probably a gift. Medium Iridium point, the cap has "Modele Recife depose" pressed into the metal. A quick Google search looks like it might be from Levenger. Definitely a gift. But writes well. Probably not an everyday pen for me, a little heavy on the ink, but still nice to have. I will burn through this tank and put it back away for a while. I also found a box of pens I forgot I had, so I might be showing that off tomorrow. It's a little scary.
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Monday, September 29, 2008

New Fountain Pen

So I did go to New York and I did go to my favorite Japanese pen store, and I did spend way too much money on pens. Most were my regular everyday pens that just needed replenishing, but I found this little $8.95 wonder. They had a clear version that was a little sweeter, but that was a tester and they were not willing to part with it, so I bought the black one. Comes in a tube, Made by Pilot and that is all I know because the rest of the writing is in Japanese. and one of the finest fine points I have ever uses. Perfect for my small moleskin. No pen clip, but I can deal with that, it mostly will be a desk pen. It's a cartridge filled joy and I bought a few spares as well. As always click for larger views and see you again tomorrow.
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