Thursday, October 21, 2010

1944 Parker 51 Mustard with Empire Cap

It's a little dreary in Boston today, so I decided to break out the good china to liven things up a bit.  Nothing can inspire you like a nice pen.   I have seen this exact pen model on the cover of books-so to be able to have one in my collection is a true dream.

I have probably picked up this pen about 30 times to actually blog about it,  but I sort of liked that it was my secret. But in car talk... it compares to leaving a GT40 in your garage and just dusting it off every now and then and imagining how fast it would go.  No,  this one does not travel,  but it is worth sharing.  There were some old pictures floating around on Flickr that got some attention  (and offers) but this one remains with me.

It was build in 1944 and the two dots on either side of the 4-like this ".4."  let me know that is was build in the second quarter of 1944.  Sweet huh? 66 years.  I kinda want to have a reunion with everyone that has owned this pen.  We could all get together and hug... unless they are all creepy people,  then maybe just coffee and crumpets or something.  yeah... skip the hugging.  Thanks.

As for larger pictures.This pen was built the way that pens were supposed to be built. I have reviewed a few 51's before, but this one is special. People's eyes tend to glaze over when they see or talk about Empire caps.

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I kinda realized that blogging is a winter thing for me.  During the Summer,  I just have too much stuff going on.  I want to thank everyone for your patience and caring and keeping me in your readers.  Stay tuned for more frequent updates and more fun pens.

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