Wednesday, March 10, 2010

It's a tool...silly and a giveaway.

Going through some of the fountain pen blogs and reading some of the comments that people write about their pens kinda drives me nuts. Maybe it's a personal thing, but pens to me were never meant to be put in a box and never inked or drooled on. I suppose if all I had to do was burn money--- I would buy pens and forget I had them... but I don't see why people do it. If it's art, then call it art and not a pen. I'll write with my pens.

This Cross likes to write as well. Fat, long and full of inky goodness and the weight of this monster reminds me that it is in my pocket or jacket and I appreciate that. The gold nib and chrome body isn't my favorite combo but Cross can get away with it somehow. While I admit I do have a few pens that I don't take out of the house....I still ink them up and write with them. It's more me knowing that I could always lose a pen and there are a few that I do not want to lose.

I might have used this quote before. It's one of my favorites. Doing some research about Mr. Maslow I learned that he married a woman named Bertha. That's no big deal except for the fact that she was his first cousin. Did you know it's legal in all 50 states to marry your SECOND cousin? Hmmm. It might be me, but I always felt that the last place to look for a hot date/future wife is at your family reunion. Of course there's a website in case you are curious.

Here's the giveaway. The usual rules: Leave a comment on this post and I will come up with a silly yet completely random way to determine which number wins the 24 pack of Sharpies. As always, there could be a bonus prize if you make me laugh so hard I spit my morning ceral on my keyboard.  You have till Monday at noon to leave a comment.

Good luck and thanks for reading.
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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Perfect Pair - Rhodia and a 616

So this addiction usually runs in waves. Meaning...if I like a pen and paper combo, I will stick with until it runs the course and I move on to the next journal or pen or even ink if needed. Depending on the day, this could almost be hourly. Oddly enough, these two little gems came together quite nicely and the have remained friends for a long time now. #1 is the Rhodia 5 x5 and #2 is (oddly enough) a very low end Parker knock off (616.) These two came together like Starsky and Hutch and have been my "go to" for almost everything lately.

As for larger pictures. Sometimes pen and paper combos surprise me. I normally would not throw these two together- but with a little good ink added in.. I am a happy man. These pens seem to last a very short time. Believe it or not I almost consider them disposable at less that $1.00 each. They have been "testy" to say the least...but this one at least for now... is working very well.

"Did you ever get the feeling that the world was a tuxedo and you were a PAIR of brown shoes" George Gobel. Pair...get it? I am getting into a rhythm with this combo and they are working for me right now. Sure tomorrow... I might make the switch, but it's a about staying fresh and excited about what you do. If that means changing inks or pens often. So be it.

Tomorrow is giveaway day so I will see you then!

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