Monday, December 5, 2011

Kaweco Sport Fountain Pen

Kaweco might be one of those companies that even some real pen people don't know that much about.  I have been a huge fan of their stuff for years and I really like what they do.

In 1883 Kaweco started making pens.  1883!  What's interesting is that they are still in business and that's the same year that Louis Waterman began doing experiments to create the fountain pen.   I love when companies appreciate their history and do a decent job in presenting it. Kaweco does that here with a nice little wrap up.  If you do not feel like clicking, the short story is around 1908 they starting making the Sport Pen (or Ladies Pens, or Pocket Pens) after a run of nice dip pens. They really haven't changed that much since they kicked it off.

The Sport is a style of pen that I really like: a nice, small form when capped and then suddenly large enough for my hand when the cap is posted.  It's tricky... "it's tricky, tricky, tricky"...and yes... somehow I managed to go through 104 years of History.  The start of a wonderful pen company straight in 1883 to RUN DMC's 1987 hit. Sing it together:  "to rock a rhyme, to rock a rhyme that's right on's tricky."
If you haven't met is the Kaweco Sport.  A wonderful little cartridge filled fountain pen that has landed a special spot in my rotation.  At first blush you might question the gold end piece and the silver clip.  That's completely my doing.  It doesn't come with a clip,  you have to order them separately and I picked the silver over the gold. Yes, the nib is gold also. It's just my preference.  More on that later.
The cap is beveled to keep it from rolling around your desk if you opt out of the clip and here is how it stretches out. Nice lines.
I cheated a little here for impact.  The Sheaffer Lifetime is a slightly larger fountain but here you see them side by side. Notice how the caps are really similar in length.  It has to be for the Kaweco to give it a little extra room in your hand.     
As always, click for better images. Here's how the world comes together in odd little bursts...I swear that I simply Googled "small quotes" and this was one of the ones that  I liked...When I hit Mr. Hill's Wiki Page to find out who he was- the first thing I noticed was his birth year.  You got it. 1883.  I just blew my mind a little.  I know not everyone loves blue ink...I just need to burn through this cartridge and then I can trade it out.  This EF is a little thicker than I am used to for EF's but it doesn't bother me. Even from the first time it hit paper this one was smooth and crisp.  I can't wait to throw some nice ink in here.  Someday I will write a full review in the pen I am reviewing and not have any typing...some day. 
                      Here's the breakdown.  Nothing unusual here. Just good, solid German manufacturing. 
Nice touch on the end cap here.  If you are an iPad user I really recommend a little app called Flipboard.  Once you are in there search the feeds for Good Pens.  It looks pretty decent on the page. (Thanks JR.) 

I bought this one at JetPens,  I went with the EF nib and the Silver Clip.  There's a ton of options depending on your needs and style.  There is also a demonstrator if you feel lucky.  Bottom line...even if you do have large hands, don't be afraid to give these pens a try.  

Good Pens.

Sunday, December 4, 2011


If you have noticed some changes...I thought that I should put up some new drapes and add some features.  You might have noticed the Tabs being added up top and I added an official  Facebook page  for quick little updates when I can't do a full post.  Bear with me as I clean things up and thanks again for reading.