Sunday, February 6, 2011

Marathon Fountain Pen Cleaning Session

It was time. I was due to spend some effort taking care of cleaning what I had messed up. Putting ink in fountain pens means someday that you have to clean out that ink. It was good... cathartic chopping wood or mowing your yard. I went into rinse mode and didn't come out till everything was clean and shiny. (Oh.. The Head and the Heard on shuffle also REALLY helped.)

Every now and then you have to spend some time to maintain...I race bikes and I kinda hate to clean my bike chains... I would actually rather buy a new chain, but I know I have to do it. Before you do it.. it sucks and procrastination stands on your shoulder yelling that there are 507 other things that you would prefer to be doing.. when you start it you feel better and when you are done... you feel refreshed. Time well spent... It's getting to "doing" that is the hardest part.

Mont Blanc, Waterman, Hero, Swans, they all were included here. They are all now dry, clean and ready for a fresh start. Renewed. Now looking at it, I know I won't pull one of these out in 2 months and have a crusty nib that I have to spend even more time scraping...

Some of you know I started a new job and am now in an real honest to goodness office. Which means that I am no longer in a nice warm cozy quiet home office. Which means I go from a choice of a couple thousand pens down to whatever I can put in my bag...So today I went for a search for office pens... Here's what I came up with. These should last a while. I sort of had these filed away for a few months forgotten about. I am looking forward to that Waterman loaded with a Sarasa .4.

Enjoy the Superbowl (or better yet, go clean your pens.)


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