Monday, March 31, 2014

Head clearing time.

I needed a to-do list.  Fast.  Like heading out of the country for a week this afternoon fast. Like heading out of the country for a week and I haven't packed yet fast.  Part of me (the evil, short sighted slacker who refused to even unpack my bag from my flight last week ) wanted to just grab a dull pencil and a coffee stained post-it note to cleanse the brain.   But the pen lover in me won out and I decided to take an upgrade.  I didn't grab the nicest pen in the world,  but I grabbed one that I knew would be there for me. A work horse. A very inexpensive Sheaffer School pen.  One day I will photograph all of my Sheaffers together for a family shot because they probably are used for about 75% of my writing time.  This one needs a good cleaning and a shine and I always loved this shade of blue. Dirty or not.

Sure I needed to throw in a cartridge and get it flowing but taking the 60 seconds to do that was well worth it. Add in a simple notebook and start the download from the brain to the paper.

My to-do lists range from the desperately needed for organizing- to me just wanting to write something with a new pen.   In this case it was everything that I wanted to take care of on the long leg of my flights. 

1. Avoid crazy dude from my last trip that just wanted a first class drinking buddy.
2. Reach for and physically  touch my passport 37 times.
3. Learn how to ask for a bathroom in German and check the local laws on public intoxication.

Today it was more about still wanting to enjoy the process of writing regardless of timing or schedules.  It was about knowing what I needed to accomplish but not allowing laziness to get in the way of appreciating a nice pen or nice paper.  I highly recommend it 

Gut stifte. (is that correct?)

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