Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Discount Bin : Panache Calligraphy

Times are tough and I am never afraid to go through the discount bin at my local art supply stores for a few bargains....and a bargain is what I found. Yes, this was marked down from $12.99 to $3.99 and that makes me happy. Any port in a storm right? I also picked up a few Expresso pens for .99 that are fun as well.

So that is $4.00 for two bodies and 4 different calligraphy nibs and 8 ink cartridges. Yes, thank you! I know that these are not the most awesome calligraphy pens ever made in the world, but I have been grabbing wide nibs for doodling and it's been kind of fun lately. I have calligraphy pens that I love and I am not sure how much use these pens will have but I will get some writing samples out for a better review soon. Enjoy your day!
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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Container Store Rules

More on my organizing... The container store sells these really cool shoe boxes that seal tightly and are pretty inexpensive. Perfect for pens, inks, etc. I bought about 6 and I am a better person for it. here's a link if you are curious. I now have my pens organized "by category." or I am working on it at least. Rollers, gels, pencils, markers, mechanicals, all have a fresh home. I couldn't stand putting my fountains in there. It just feels like they are left behind if I do that.

I also love that my inks have a spill proof home now. I will repost once I am completed, but stacks of pens in my office have now been gently put away in a clear organized fashion. Yeah!

This also makes me very curious how everyone else stores there pens outside of the traditional pen boxes and cups? Feel free to post and let everyone know. Have a great day!
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Monday, May 4, 2009

Cartridge Filled Fountain Pens!

I was doing some organizing over the weekend and part of that was making sure I had clean pens in storage. Crusty inky nibs are not a friend of mine. I started to pile up my cartridge fillers to separate from the other types of feeds (don't ask) and took a quick shot. I probably rely on at least one of these pens everyday and keep an empty cartridge in all of them ready to go.

I clean the cartridges the same way I fill them, after they are done, I turn them upside down, and spray in warm water with a syringe until it runs clear, let dry and pop back in. It keeps from having to search for cartridges.

When motivation strikes I grab the syringe and whatever ink inspires me and off I go with a refill. I usually only fill them up halfway unless i know I am doing a ton of writing or want to keep that pen inked for a while. These are mostly Sheaffer's with a few Esterbrooks and Scripto's included but I love them all equally. (that's not true, I have favorites!) Have great Monday everyone.
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