Friday, February 27, 2009

Levenger Fountain Pen

Now that all that silly contest stuff is over, we can get back to the good stuff...the pens.
Here we have another fountain pen that was gifted to me years ago. I wish I could remember what the model name is- but my memory on it is failing.

What's not failing is the pen. It still fills and writes like it's brand new and it's a pen that I like to throw in a coat pocket for a night out. The weight is such that I always know that it is there and it's always ready to write. This one does not accidentally slip out of your has some serious heft to it.

I also love the little star burst emblem on the cap. It's a little detail thing, but Levenger got it right. Congrats again to Shade for winning the giveaway, her ink will be dropped in the mailbox tomorrow.

Have a great weekend everyone- By the way, Twitter has been hot and heavy with the pen and ink talk, feel free to follow me here if you do that sort of thing.

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Thursday, February 26, 2009

We have Winners!

The was my randomizer. My limited budget kept me from hiring 49 clowns to fight it out until one was left standing to decide a winner so I decided to cut out some numbers....

Then I threw them on the floor and ask my 22 month old son to go pick one. In the spirit of fairness he cannot read or count yet, he has never met any of you and I thought it was funny.

Here we are! After rolling around in the numbers to mix them up, he finally popped his hand up into the air grasping this! His tiny little fingers are holding on to number 7 and the winner is Shade who runs a blog here. Nice!! Congrats. Shoot me your details (address and which prize) and choice and I will get them sent snail mail ASAP.

And for bringing the funny? Lisa S. won that one with the story of catching her dogs "in the act" and then slipping in their poo trying to stop them. I am not sure why that wins, but it just does. Lisa can win the choice of the other prize that Shade does not want or I have a few others in the vault to choose from.

Thanks everyone for the incredible comments. There will be another contest coming up shortly and I appreciate you reading and back tomorrow with another pen.
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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tradeshow Pen Surprise

Last day to enter for the giveaway!

As always click for bigger images. My work takes me to some trade shows and I rarely pick up pens, (because generally they are crap) but this one was given to me in a drop bag. I am working on a project that I am collecting pens for (more on that soon) but for some reason I picked this one up to write with. Zip twang!

Some surprises are bad. Like hearing "hey, was that your car?" or "You got tested for that, right?" or your Proctologist calling you up asking if you found his ring. (Sorry about that one.) This pen was a pleasant surprise. It really writes well.

Dissected... we see a no name filler stamped with 07 on it. In terms of writing it is an 07 and normally that's a lot fatter than I like to write with but the ink this thing is laying down makes up for it. We are talking free flowing goodness that makes me just stare at this pen wondering where it came from.

I don't think this changes my mind about trade show pens but this was a nice surprise. Seriously, if you been reading you know I am a pen snob and discourage the use of cheap pens, but this one is a little different. It's a good pen.
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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tornado by Retro Pen

The contest is in full swing from yesterday and the "bring the funny" is coming along nicely. I think I have my randomizer just about tuned up and ready to go.

Now back to today's pen.

I have always gone back to this pen when in need. It's substantial. It has some weight to it. Some pens feel like in these tough times, they could snap in two. Not this pen. It sort of feels bulletproof and is sitting here on a Foray notebook.

No this isn't a pen holder, it's a reclaimed chain and rim from a bicycle made into a business card holder. Cool. This pen and the holder were both gifts that I received years ago. I own a few pens from the Retro Pen line and they have always been rock solid without question.

I've had a serious addiction to The Avett Brothers lately. It's not my usual brand of music, but it's really working for me right now. Check them out if you get a chance.
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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Monday Giveaway

First of all, I really wanted to give a fountain pen away. Unfortunately, after inking up and checking out a few, I could not decide on which one to give away and that will have to be for another day. Instead...I am offering up some choices.

You could win these:

Fountain pen inky goodness.

or these:

Enough ink and refills to last a long time.

Here are the silly rules, contest ends 8:00 pm Eastern on Wednesday. My crack legal team is dreaming up my own (funnier) version of the randomizer and I will announce the winner in Thursday mornings post. All you have to do is leave any comment on this post and as usual, there will be a special separate prize sent out to the person who comes closest to making me laugh so hard I shoot coffee out my nose.

We can catch up with email after the contest to sort out which you like.  That's it.  Have a great day.

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