Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Moonman AKA The Camry

OK,  Camry MIGHT be a little bit of a stretch comparison.   Low cost and will run forever.  The Moonman M2 is a super fun Chinese pen that I own 3 or 4 of this exact model.  There are other versions, but I stick with this one.   It comes in F (.5) and EF (.38) and I am a fan of the EF. 

The gas tank on this thing is massive and that's all part of the fun. If you don't own one, it's stays on my list of daily drivers and it's so easy to see what color ink I am grabbing. (clear body, duh Seth) It even comes with an eye dropper,  

Did I mention it's a little bleedy?  It is, but I don't mind that.  one thing I do mind... is that I do not recommend taking this thing on an airplane.  (Unless the airplane never leaves the ground.)  This thing will spit ink like an angry cobra once the plane pressurizes.  I usually don't have issues with my pens and flying, but I take this one out of the bag when I travel.  I heard rumors you could fill it completely up with ink to help with this but that feels like filling the bathtub up to the rim before you cannonball into it. 

I mean it's pretty sleek right? I wish it had a clip because it gets a little roll-y on the desk,  Moonman might now be Majohn now, if you need to google it, Jetpens used to sell them,  but have stopped but for a while they had amazing colors.

I like this pen,  some others have complained that it runs a little dry, but I never had that issue.   It's nice enough that it gets noticed but it's not so nice that I worry about it getting eaten by the dog (don't ask, we have talked about it and I think he understands what pens not to chew on.)

Nice pen,  grab one off of ebay or amazon if you don't have one. 


Saturday, December 9, 2023

This is why I am stressed


There are way too many of these in my life, in my house, in my car and just generally hidden throughout the house.   Bags and bins of pens and pencils that SOMEONE should sort. Take this one for example.  These were all in a freezer bag hidden in a cabinet in the dining room.  I was slightly stressed when I found it,  mainly because there was an Auto Sharp OHTO 0.5 mechanical pencil hidden in the bag that I forgot that I even owned but I instantly realized that I missed it.  

I am not sure why thar bag exists. I would never write with 90% of the pens in here and my use of wooden pencils has declined majorly since 3rd grade.

Let's be like Dora and explore this mess 

Oh... a Geiple's pencil.  Geiple's is a funeral home in the tiny postage stamp of a town that I grew up in.  I don't know why I own an unsharpened pencil from likely 30-40 years ago at this point.. RANDOM shit. Oh and guess what... if you don't need funeral services or no one that you know if dying anytime soon,  you can also...

Buy some freaking furniture!  More like a Credeathza if you know what I am saying.  (You see...I combined death and credenza.)  This stuff just comes naturally to me.    

And I am sure that it is equally important that I own a ripper of a fun pencil from Abby's Styling Salon.  Are there non- styling salons?  Abby- I think you might have gotten a little redundant here. 

I bet she ordered thousands of these.  Lucky me... I have one in almost pristine condition.  She didn't put a phone number on the pencil-maybe she just assumed everyone knows how to reach Abby's Styling Salon.   

I also found my OLD Levenger Dry-lighter.  I still love that thing. 

The stress comes from the lack of organization,  pens should be with pens and pencils should be in a kids backpack somewhere.  

Years ago I realized I likely could get through this life without buying another pen or pencil, but what fun is that?   An unsharpened pencil is safe... But that's not what pencils are for.   I will not organize this bin tonight. 


Edit.... Geiple's is still a funeral home.  But it looks like they dropped the furniture business.  It was always a weird side hustle I guess.  

Moonman AKA The Camry

OK,  Camry MIGHT be a little bit of a stretch comparison.   Low cost and will run forever.  The Moonman M2 is a super fun Chines...