Sunday, September 4, 2011

Restocking Time!

As promised from my last post,  I was putting some new pens in rotation and stumbled upon one of my favorites that was sitting in the vault completely un-inked. It's sort of a sin for this monster.
And yes,  that pen is resting on my new sweet skim board. I am pretty sure this is the first time in blogging history that a pen was ever photographed on a skim board.  Actually I doubt it,  there's probably a site somewhere dedicated to pens and surf paraphernalia. I had an awesome idea once to dedicate a website to my fish taco addiction. Yep,  been done...multiple times. So sad.
I didn't take the time to research this one tonight,  but my gut tells me this is from the late 30's based on the filling mechanism.  You know I am not a huge fan of gold in pens... but with the dark red it just looks so good. Piston filler and perfect nib.  Speaking of the nib. Here's my favorite part:
Do you see it?  Click the pic for a larger image. There it is. It's the little details that make you smile.  Some say the white dot is what reminds them of Sheaffer pens- but its the heart for me.  I hope there's some awesome story about an engineer that was professing his love and created this nib, but I can't verify.
The paper is cheap, the ink is Lie De The and the pen is just about perfect. It needs a shine,  but that's it. Buddha was right.

 Late night multitasking writing a post at 12:43 a.m. finishing up the Open on DVR and staring at Facebook. And the good thing is...a really solid pen has been put back into rotation.

Have a good night.