Friday, October 17, 2008

Tombo Brush pen and a Dork Alert- Aisle 1

Click for larger views of course. I love Tombo Dual Brush pens. They just got it right., The fine is fine and the brush end does not fall apart after a little use. I think I bought these in a set because I have a ton around the house and I usually kill the fine point before the brush, but I don't mind, they are not that expensive and hold up well enough. Probably because capped they sit at 7.5 inches long, so a ton of room in there for ink stuff. This brown has a sepia tone to it and looks great on cream paper. (stop whispering "Dork" to your computer screen)

Click this! So I was cleaning some Fountain pens yesterday when I grabbed the Shaeffer from the shoot the other day. I know the sac is gone, so I dipped in in a Ammonia/water mix to wipe it off when this Bluey goodness came flowing out. I got to write with the pen for about 10 minutes before I had to redip and it's still going. Odd to think someone a LONG time ago put some ink in this thing that I am now using. The color of the Blue is insane and I am dying to know what it was. The picture does not do it justice. OK, keep whispering "Dork" now, I don't care. Have a good weekend and see you Monday am.
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Thursday, October 16, 2008

The hottest love has the coldest end.

Why do I fall in love with pens that later I feel like I have to be the high bidder on Ebay to keep writing with?

For example the Pentel Ceramicron (should be called Ceramagic) 500 II SR51.

These are mostly drawing pens for me, but I will use the 03 in a notebook every now and then for lists and such. I bought the series 01,02,03,04 and a pack of refills at the time. They have lasted me a while, but now, I fear the end is getting near. A Google search only shows a ton of people freaking out asking where they can get refills. Lovely. How will your average Joe the plumber support his pen habit. Like this "Dear Ebay, here is all my money, please send back a refill for me, thanks". I may fire off an email to Jetpens to see if they have any hidden somewhere or are willing to track them down or keep googling hoping someone in Japan has a closet full of refills. Cheers!
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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sheaffer's Lifetime

As always, feel free to click for much larger views. Being a pen dork means wanting to know a lot about your pens. That means I have a ton of books that remind me that I am a good pen geek and sometime Good pen snob. What makes me love old pens is to page through one of my books and run into a pen that I have. Meet my SheAffer's Lifetime. The second picture will go over the details. I have never inked this pen. The nib looks in great shape, but I know the sac is bad. Shaeffer's are a great place for the vintage collector to start. A quick search on Ebay shows 383 hits for "Fountain" and "Sheaffer" and I have a few on my watchlist. They are just fun, old, work well and great to look at. Kinda like Kim Basinger. There, I said it, "Vintage Sheaffer's are the Kim Basinger of Pens"
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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

What is going on here?

Most people will gloss over this post without a second look, unless they notice that the ink on the card seems a little blueish on the larger version or that the pen says .7 but the line says much finer. . If so, congrats and welcome to the first of my lightly modified pens. Wait, I can't even call this modified. Interchanged is a better word. For some reason, I love the Body of the Pilot g-6. It just works for me, from the grip to the is the "but" but... I have been writing with G-2 so long I almost am tired of them. It just so happens that the cartridge from a Zebra Sarasa clip 0.4 fits in the G-6 perfectly, without cutting or tweaking and still clicks open and close perfectly. So, go nuts, put a green in your black body and go crazy, wear a hat, or whistle, or stare at your elders. But do not ask to borrow my G-6.
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Monday, October 13, 2008

Meet Ester

Click for better view. The Esterbrook, If memory serves, it is a J model, Esterbrook made points and nibs well before the civil war, so whatever, I am just trying to be smart. This pen was a daily writer for me for about 2 years. Very dependably, has a good sac and has seen more fill ups than my local Hess station (not really, but I ran out of coffee this morning.) Along with the Parker 51's I have to give the nod to this pen. Looks great. writes very strong and I can use just about any ink in it and be happy. Speaking of ink, I am making a run for some fresh Noodlers ink this week. Considering the Baystate Blue, but will let you know. And I threw in a little Jason Varitek for good measure. Go Red Sox.
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Moonman AKA The Camry

OK,  Camry MIGHT be a little bit of a stretch comparison.   Low cost and will run forever.  The Moonman M2 is a super fun Chines...