Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Pilot Plumix (fence sitter)

Pacifiers do make good pen holders. It's true.

Wow, I don't think that I have ever been more on the fence over a pen than with this one. The nib just throws me off a bit and believe me, I have written with every kind of nib (almost) known to mankind. I am pretty sure this was a Target purchase that has been sitting in my pen cup filled but unused for a while. I thought that I didn't have a use for it till I picked up an envelope (nice paper) to test this and it actually flowed pretty nicely and in all CAPS turned out okay for me.

The thins are just a little to thick to do any seriously nice work, but I could use this for Christmas cards or to write that letter to my neighbor asking them if they wouldn't mind peeling that Scott Brown sticker off of their car. (seriously, we get it.) It just sort of feels like a cheaper version of this pen  and I would much rather use that one.  (Because I friggin love it.)

So let's not dwell on time or timing.  I know I need to blog more.  Thanks for the support/emails and kind works on Twitter and Facebook.  I am going to go pen shopping right now so I have some fresh new stuff to bring to the game.  Oh, and I have a journal or two and some new inks,  so stay tuned.  Oh, and why not,  let's do a giveaway this week.


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