Sunday, August 7, 2022

Also. Art.

I spent the last couple of years really trying to focus in on arts and crafts while.  Part of me wanted to see where I could go with art, and part of me just needed that creative outlet. I don't call myself an artist.  I know that it's vague and can be applied to many fields.  Someone putting together an amazing stone mantle is an artist to me.  We all tend to find ourselves and my art self is still looking around for a firm hold on things.  

My biggest thing is that I don't worry about art.  I don't do it to stress relieve, but I also don't want it to create stress.  A few commissions have done that to me and I get them done, but I would rather just sit down with a few different kinds of mediums and create. Then at the end of the day sell it, or give it to a friend.  I have one painting I pull out every couple months and slowly add to it,  it's cathartic. But also...

I have been making jewelry:

Stained Glass Pieces:

And Painting tons of Journals and stuff

But pens have always been along for the ride.  I am still getting emails and requests from when I was more active here and I really want to get going again.  I have bins of pens and stacks of journals that I havent talked about.  If you are curious about the art,  I am Xact Studio on Etsy.  and also building out but that's still a work in progress.  Looking forward to catching up with everyone again. 

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