Friday, January 30, 2009

My Old School Papermate

Some pens live in your heart, some pens live in your desk. Thankfully, this one lives somewhere
in between. Those two little hearts have seen a lot.

I really think this might have been the first pen that I really craved writing with back in the day. (Those days were filled with sk8ting, BMX, Ska and general adolescence.) However, I still took my pens very seriously, even if I didn't know what I was writing, I still wanted to enjoy the process and the idea of writing.

(Yes, I actually polished this for the pictures.) I know that times change and some pen styles move on. My tastes in pens have definitely changed (and there's very little Ska music in my iTouch) but I still like to appreciate whatever I am writing with. I can't say I use this pen often, or its in the rotation, but it's good to remember where your roots are and where your habits come from.

This pen is sort of like having a 1974 Volkwagon Superbeetle in the garage. It's cool, fun to take out, but in general, it just sits there. Have a great weekend and I will get to the comments and emails before Monday. Cheers.
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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Parker Sonnet Mk1

Click for better views. This is the first pen from the Christmas cup post and I really am getting into this pen. I filled it up with some Heart of Darkness and put the 18k nib to the test for the past week and I could not be happier with the end result.

In your hand it's a much substantial pen than it looks here. It has a great weight and feel to it. I haven't seen this color combo before and a quick Google search came up empty on the exact name but it works for me.

I shoot at night without any natural light and am trying to avoid the light box. I switched over to RAW format for these, but didn't do any photoshopping. I think I might need a lens upgrade. Lovely.

I believe this model is the MK1, Parker went with a wider band on the cap with the later models. It's a Good Pen with a fun nib. I will get a writing sample up in a day or two. thanks for looking and I will see you tomorrow. I know I have some unanswered comments out there, I will reply this weekend. -Seth
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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sheaffer Fineline Ballpoint Monster

Last night I was rooting through the pen drawers (that sounds dirty) for something to shoot and Office Supply Geek, Pen Addict and Unposted (I know these people have names) were on Twitter discussing putting Dremel to refill to get a better overall pen. This post is for you.

I love this pen, and the irony is that I have never actually used it to write with, not because it's a rare un-inked fountain that will be passed through the Good Pen family from father to son and so on. It's because the damned thing does not write. I am sure someone wrote with it at one point and I appreciate that they took care not to bite it or toss it carelessly around before it landed in my hands.

No Natural Light and Nachos here, this pen has style, tuxedos and Maserati style. Sexay.

Unfortunately, it has this big clunky dinosaur of a refill in it that is older than I am.

All this Dremel talk reminded me I want to one day get one of my G-2 refills in this beast. Now you people that are smarter than I am will tell me I can go out and buy a brass adapter for $10.00 plus shipping that will allow me to use Sheaffer modern refills and I might do that one day. But for now, I seriously want to have a Dremel party and really bring this pen back to life.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Shocker. Pilot Precise V5 RT

On a whim I bought a 4 pack of these at my local office supply store and thought I would try them out. I literally just threw them in the cart without blinking. Came home and ripped open the package and was VERY shocked at how much I liked this pen. I probably have reviewed this ink/roller combo in other pens, but never this body.

Mae West was 5'1" favorite pen today was a Parker 51. COINCIDENCE? yes it is.. If you are wondering where the point is...stop's retractable. It was an added bonus on the pen. It writes well in the journals and after a few days, I still love this pen. The bonus is... pre-tax...this was around $1.12 a pen.

Some pens have many layers, (like an onion if I need to spell it out) There are a few pens that I have been trying to like for years, but my heart's not in it. These little clicky pens won me over from the start. For the price and the randomness of buying them, it was a pleasant surprise. Good pens.
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Monday, January 26, 2009

Wahl Ring Top Fountain Pen (little fella)

Not shown actual size. Objects in pictures are smaller than they appear. This pen is tiny. Like... lost in the bottom of the pen cup tiny. The initials are L. A. E. sorry they are upside down, but I have a habit of shooting with the point on the left if you noticed. This was a gift years ago and I shined it up, threw in a fresh sac and have been in love with it ever since.

The nib is a Wahl 2 - 14K and flexes very well. My copperplate is coming along nicely but I am no where near posting the progress yet. I have more fun doodling more than anything. This ink is Private Reserve Midnight Blues and I am in love with it. I should be putting up a review shortly as well of that.

I told you it was tiny. Being a guy, I don't usually flaunt this pen. I don't whip this one out on poker night to show the boys, but in secret, when it matters, I am not afraid to ink this one up and go to town. It's a good pen.
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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Pen Holder Project

Rare weekend post for me but I wanted to share something cool....

I found the directions to a sweet pen holder here on Instructables and decided to give it a try. I probably could put the zip ties on the inside, but I used the power of fire to smooth them out a bit and I need to find some black ones zips, but it didn't turn out too bad. 10 minutes total, drill and zip. I didn't really need another pen cup, but it was fun easy stuff. Back tomorrow with another pen.
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