Friday, October 24, 2008

I love gooooooold.

For those of you who get it:
Goldmember:" Would you like a shmoke und a pancake?"
I thought it was funny, anyway. It's always interesting where you get your pens from. In this case, my wife and I used these pens for something at our wedding. Might have been signing the guest book or whatever, I would have never bought this pen on my own to use as a writer, but I kept it and use it and I can buy the Faber-Castell refills for it.

It's a pretty sweet writing pen that I will use to add some color to my black and white stuff, but I have been known to grab it for call and notebooks. Ignore the ink bottle, it's just a prop and the only gold looking thing I had around this morning. Red-eye's tend to leave you stumbling around for a while in the mornings. Have a great weekend.
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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Another Sheaffer Fountain Pen

Cartridge filler although, based on the dried ink on the nib, I have only done a dip to check the nib. Another question mark on where I got this one. Click for larger picture. As far as classic looking pens, I think this might be it. Black, Chrome, a little streamlined and looks great sitting in a shirt pocket. I should see if any of my refills work with this one.

If you ever happen to be in San Jose and are looking for some pens, you have some awesome options, but Maido on Santana Row is incredible. Small little Japanese Stationary store, but done very well. Every pen had a sampler, and my Moleskin looked like a clown threw up in it.

I picked up a few pens I have not seen before in my usual spots and I now have a new favorite .38 gel pen. (which says a lot) More to follow on that, but to say the trip was budget busting is an understatement. I am always surprised that those stores are so light on Fountain Pen inks in a bottle, but they did have Sailor which made me happy. Back to Boston (home) today. Thanks for all the great comments and emails everyone I appreciate it.
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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Is that a pencil?

Yes it is. I am not a complete pen only snob. Every now and then I love a good mechanical. I present the Zebra Frisha Automatic. .5. Two cool things about this pencil. 1. Automatic lead feed when writing and 2.With a shake of the pencil, a little bit of lead will advance. It's kind of funny because whenever I pull it out of my bag, there's usually an inch or so of lead hanging out from my bag shaking. This is probably my number one go to for pencils.

I was going through the airport in Houston this week and stopped by Hudson News and apparently, they have a magazine devoted to watch connoisseurs. Now those people are freaks. :)
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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Inky thoughts

So the other day I went Bromfields, one of my favorite pen stores in Boston to buy some ink, I had been hearing good things about the Noodler's Bay State blue and I wanted to try it out. $13.13 later I was the proud owner. (ok, I also bought a small handful of other pens) I was hoping to make a great photo shoot with the ink bottle. But not having any patience when I was filling up a Wing Sung 612, this happened=

Lovely, they really make those bottles full, either that, or again, I am a big dork, you decide. Larger picture really shows how blue it is. I love the ink, I love how waterproof it is. It's a great color that makes me use good paper. I am not sure why I grabbed the Wing Sung for its maiden inking, but I brought the pen traveling with me this week and am very happy with it so far. Oh and some housecleaning...Update your browsers The Pen Addict has a new site that I am jealous of and Jetpens asked if I would review some pens, so stay tuned for that.
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Monday, October 20, 2008

Crossed Up

Click for a bigger picture. As I was setting up the shot for this, I was thinking about my Cross post where I said I was not a big fan of Cross Pens, but then going through my collection, I realized I must be because I have so many of them. So, trying to be as fair as possible, I inked this one up and have been using it for a few days and am quite happy with it, the nib is silky smooth. I remember reading that Cross's are not that easy to ID the years, so I have no idea how old this one is, (anyone?) but it is engraved with intials! (but the initials are not mine) so someone might be missing their pen. I am keeping it, don't ask for it back.
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Moonman AKA The Camry

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