Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Inky thoughts

So the other day I went Bromfields, one of my favorite pen stores in Boston to buy some ink, I had been hearing good things about the Noodler's Bay State blue and I wanted to try it out. $13.13 later I was the proud owner. (ok, I also bought a small handful of other pens) I was hoping to make a great photo shoot with the ink bottle. But not having any patience when I was filling up a Wing Sung 612, this happened=

Lovely, they really make those bottles full, either that, or again, I am a big dork, you decide. Larger picture really shows how blue it is. I love the ink, I love how waterproof it is. It's a great color that makes me use good paper. I am not sure why I grabbed the Wing Sung for its maiden inking, but I brought the pen traveling with me this week and am very happy with it so far. Oh and some housecleaning...Update your browsers The Pen Addict has a new site that I am jealous of http://www.penaddict.com/ and Jetpens asked if I would review some pens, so stay tuned for that.
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