Friday, August 14, 2009

My 200th pen post (wow)

I really miss the process, a good friend emailed me last night hoping that the updates were coming along smoothly...they are, but working on your current house while building a new one did not work for me. I was hoping to start some new pens on the new site, but here we are today with a fresh post. The only markings on this pen are on the cap, it says "Japan Marksman" and it is a cartridge filler. It's thin, like really thin, almost too thin for my hands.

The sun was shining in my kitchen window so I actually got to shoot with sunlight. Interesting. This pen has a bit of a "cheap look" to the metal. For how thin it does have a bit of weight to it. You can see the threads by the nib, so it is a screw cap. I can only imagine that this came in a set, or with a just has kinda that feel to it.

I just dipped it here, so it was not the smoothest writing ever, but it is true, Sara, Sam ,Brad, Jason, Mike, (and many others) you guys
have been great and I appreciate all your help and links and conversations. I am looking forward to another 200.

Have a great weekend.
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