Friday, December 26, 2008

J. Herbin major score

For some reason, my local art store was selling these inks for $2.39 each. Don't bother tracking these down, I bought all they had. I am not sure why they were on sale but I will take it. They are not usually colors I would buy, but for that price, it's worth it to see if I can fall in love with a new color. Good Ink.

Sorry for the light post today, still gathering my wits from Christmas celebration, but I will be back on Monday with a major addition to the pen collection. More to follow.
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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Sanford Uni-ball Gel Impact and go C's

I remember buying this pen thinking I never will use a 1.0 point gel pen, (a smarter man might have refused to buy it,) but I picked it anyway and I do use it. This is a pen that has gone through many iterations by Uni-ball, checkers, windows, you name it. This faux carbon fiber look is not too bad on this model. There are very few Uni-balls that I don't like to write with and if I need a fat blue gel, this is the one I reach for.

Go Celtics, as I write it's 85-70 and they are about to get their 19th straight win. Go C's. The good news is this is record setting, the bad news's almost impossible to get reasonable tickets. It's winter in New England and I cound not find my basketball, so this is the best I could do.

Neatorama recently had a link today to a ton of Military truisms that rocked. This one was my favorite. No post tomorrow, but back on Friday! Have a safe Holiday everyone.
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Monday, December 22, 2008

Sheaffer's Cartridge Fountain Pen (Old School)

As always, click for better views.

Of all the emails and comments I have gotten so far, It seems like there has been a ton of people with a positive history of this type of Sheaffer pen. Some people call them School pens, but there's an argument that the name only applies to a small group of these pens made in the 90's. Regardless, I am still going with a school theme today.

I have a handful in all shapes and colors and usually keep too many of them inked at one time. Nice steel nibs that keep going regardless of the ink or paper.They travel well, and most of them put down a nice thin to medium line. Good Pens and you will see more on here soon.

I usually buy these when I see them for sale. Very low cost, low maintenance and sometimes it's just better to leave the 1961 Ferrari in the garage and take Cameron's car out. Oh and I don't have a Ferrari so don't break into my garage. (I also don't own a garage.)
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Wood Pens and a little Holiday Cheer

Every now and then I go through my pens and wonder where in the hell some of them came from. One of these is a pen, the other a mechanical pencil, and they are not a matching pair. The pencil has my old company name on it, and the pen for some reason has "Potter County" on it. Go figure.

I just will never use these. Just so you know.... I refuse to watch any more Incredible Hulk movies, I don't think shoveling snow 7 times this weekend was fun and I don't write with these pens. Why I have them is the real mystery. I didn't even bother writing with this for a test page. It's just not worth it. Not a Good Pen.

And in a rare Martha Stewart moment, I added a new ornament to the tree this year.
Easy, just an old Fountain Pen, a piece of Ribbon and a Sharpie to write the year on and we have a new re-used ornament that probably will last another 50 years.

If you are still struggling to give those last few gifts this year PLEASE consider pens and a nice notebook. The reviews on the other blogs are coming in hot and heavy and there's plenty of great stuff to choose from this year. Cheers.
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