Monday, December 22, 2008

Wood Pens and a little Holiday Cheer

Every now and then I go through my pens and wonder where in the hell some of them came from. One of these is a pen, the other a mechanical pencil, and they are not a matching pair. The pencil has my old company name on it, and the pen for some reason has "Potter County" on it. Go figure.

I just will never use these. Just so you know.... I refuse to watch any more Incredible Hulk movies, I don't think shoveling snow 7 times this weekend was fun and I don't write with these pens. Why I have them is the real mystery. I didn't even bother writing with this for a test page. It's just not worth it. Not a Good Pen.

And in a rare Martha Stewart moment, I added a new ornament to the tree this year.
Easy, just an old Fountain Pen, a piece of Ribbon and a Sharpie to write the year on and we have a new re-used ornament that probably will last another 50 years.

If you are still struggling to give those last few gifts this year PLEASE consider pens and a nice notebook. The reviews on the other blogs are coming in hot and heavy and there's plenty of great stuff to choose from this year. Cheers.
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Nrepose said...

I love the ornament idea! Nr

robotguy said...

After seeing the first photo, I thought the title was "...and a little Holiday Chair"

Anonymous said...

Thanks NR! And robotguy. Shoot me an email to let me know what you are looking for and I will keep an eye out. You could always try david at He just did a pretty big sale page last week of classic Parkers. Good stuff, Let me know what you get!

Anonymous said...

Funny, I always want to find a good wooden pen, but it is always so hard. Looks like these dont fit the bill either. Closest I have come is my A.G. Spalding roller ball which I do like a lot.

Very nice touch with the tree decorating though, Martha. ;)