Friday, November 21, 2008

The George S. Parker # 20 1/2

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2 Parker's in a week, this is trouble.

George S. Parker... I wish I could give you a big bear hug and let you know that 100 years (or so) later, your pens put a big doofy grin on my face. (I doubt that he was a hugger, wikipedia does not mention it.)

I would fight you before giving up this pen. No holds barred, kicking and screaming. I just know that there's some history here. A lot can happen to something in 100 years, an accidental drop, or placed in a forgotten bag, or sold in Tijuana for a bottle of tequila, a tortilla press and a few sarapes. (DON'T remind me.)

But somehow, this one survived and still puts a line of ink down that makes you want to write a Senator, or phone a friend, or actually want to write something for once.

And there is just enough flex to make the good lines even better. Thank you George.

Good Pen
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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Fountain pen ink in my Pentel Energel

Every now and then I crave a different color ink in my gel pens, or I finish a disposable pen and feel like it still has some life in it, so I grab the pliers and go to work. I know I can buy a replacement for a few bucks, but that's no fun at all. Plastic tipped pliers will separate the point from the body of the pen, if your pen is not empty, prepare for a mess. (Clean up aisle 3.)

Do a proper cleaning to the tip and the tank, warm water and lots of it are the keys. Run water through all parts till it runs clear. Here everything is empty and dried out and ready to fill.

No mom, I do not do drugs, so surprise interventions over Thanksgiving, I just happen have a sweet selection of syringes for refilling my fountain pen cartridges and other pens. Tip the body back and fill it up, I think this pen will hold about 1.5 cc's of your favorite color and brand of ink, in this case, I am putting in my waterproof Baystate Blue made by Noodler's.

Close everything back up, wipe it down, check for a good seal and scribble to get the ink flowing.

Voila, your standard run of the mill liquid gel pen can hold the color of your choice. All in, this took me about 5 minutes. It's a new Good pen.
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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Pilot V Ball Grip Extra Fine and Mo

I miss Red Sox baseball.

In 1995, Mo Vaughn hit 39 home runs, had 126 RBIs and averaged .300 for the Red Sox. In New England we also remember him for the famous car crash coming home from a strip club gentleman's establishment one night. Close the the end of his career, the Angels gave him a 6 year, 80 million dollar contract that was injury plagued and he sadly ended his career early with a knee injury. To me, that was overpaying.

In sharp contrast, I payed 6 dollars for a 4 pack of these pens and it feels like I am stealing them. They are worth every penny to me.

I know the graphics look like a white pen mated with a cow, but they are so comfortable to write with and although it says extra fine, it feels like somewhere between a .5 and a .7, but that works for me.

Good Pen.
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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I love Parker 45's!

I do not know what it is...but I have a big infatuation with these pens, Okay, all you 51 lovers out there...I know, I know...they are different, not quite as classic, or balanced, and not Double Jeweled or mysterious, but with the 45's you sort of just... get what you get. To me, that means a smooth writing, maintenance free pen. (Yes, in this case you also get a pretty girly turquoise color) but it's ok to admit that I love this pen.

It's easy to spot a 45= because they have a big honking "45" stamped into the cap!! They made this model for over 40 years in many styles and colors.

The cool part about this pen is that it actually was named after the .45 caliber pistol. I imagine John Wayne riding through the desert with a .45 on his hip, they bad guys all taken care of and the sun setting on his bright turquoise shirt..wait...what??? I don't think they had that in mind.

This pen always stays inked, I have many of these, they are Good Pens.
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Monday, November 17, 2008

You Drylight my life

Wow, back to back Highlighter posts!

A few years ago, I received a Levenger Gift card as a very special present (thanks Momma C!) and bought my first (and only) Levenger "Drylighter" that has always traveled with me and sits beside the mouse pad on my desk. Don't get me wrong....I do love the flow of a Bic Liqua Brite Liner every now and then, but there is something nostalgic about my drylighter that I cannot put my finger on and I just seem to grab this one first. Maybe- because I know it will never run out of ink , or I never have to worry about posting the cap (because there isn't one) or that it doesn't bleed through and I can charge colors if I feel the need, or when I am done, I just hit the button and tuck the lead in.

Looking through the Levenger catalog now, I believe they changed the model at bit, it appears a bit longer than the one I have, but if you do a lot of highlighting, don't miss this one, it's a Good Pen. (or highlighter, or Drylighter...)
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