Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I love Parker 45's!

I do not know what it is...but I have a big infatuation with these pens, Okay, all you 51 lovers out there...I know, I know...they are different, not quite as classic, or balanced, and not Double Jeweled or mysterious, but with the 45's you sort of just... get what you get. To me, that means a smooth writing, maintenance free pen. (Yes, in this case you also get a pretty girly turquoise color) but it's ok to admit that I love this pen.

It's easy to spot a 45= because they have a big honking "45" stamped into the cap!! They made this model for over 40 years in many styles and colors.

The cool part about this pen is that it actually was named after the .45 caliber pistol. I imagine John Wayne riding through the desert with a .45 on his hip, they bad guys all taken care of and the sun setting on his bright turquoise shirt..wait...what??? I don't think they had that in mind.

This pen always stays inked, I have many of these, they are Good Pens.
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Inter Glossa said...

I had one of these when I was in junior high and was very fond of it. It took 'Quink' cartridges although it may have also had a converter. It is long gone now. I assume they long ceased production of these?

Librarian said...

I have one in olive green that my father was going to toss. It's a nice writer!