Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Pilot V Ball Grip Extra Fine and Mo

I miss Red Sox baseball.

In 1995, Mo Vaughn hit 39 home runs, had 126 RBIs and averaged .300 for the Red Sox. In New England we also remember him for the famous car crash coming home from a strip club gentleman's establishment one night. Close the the end of his career, the Angels gave him a 6 year, 80 million dollar contract that was injury plagued and he sadly ended his career early with a knee injury. To me, that was overpaying.

In sharp contrast, I payed 6 dollars for a 4 pack of these pens and it feels like I am stealing them. They are worth every penny to me.

I know the graphics look like a white pen mated with a cow, but they are so comfortable to write with and although it says extra fine, it feels like somewhere between a .5 and a .7, but that works for me.

Good Pen.
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