Thursday, July 5, 2012


The other day I was thinking about the history and the subsequent demise of the inkwell and it sort of bummed me out.  My deep depression lasted just a few short minutes until I realized how nice it is that I am not forced to use one on a daily basis but the history fascinates me.
An inkwell to me has always been an option.  I have about 18 other ways to put information on paper and if I use a dip pen and an inkwell it's because I am horribly bored or simply just testing a new ink. It didn't used to be that way.

Just for clarification...I love dip pens...and I have quite a few in my collection but I haven't seen a dip pen show up lately in any one's daily arsenal and I can't imagine needing to travel with one.   When the ballpoint was patented in 1939, it started a serious downward spiral for all other types of ink pens. The inkwell suffered the loss and fans of the inkwell (if there were any) were also left behind. 
The inkwell was sort of a by-product of the dip (or steel) pen. It was a necessity.  Inkwells served a long and illustrious life as a tool, a vessel and a means to an end.  Sure, there are fancy ones and expensive and basic ones but at the end of a day any small bowl without a hole in it would work. Doing a search on Amazon produces some interesting results. most of the "inkwells"  are now pre-filled with ink or bad reproductions.  

Everyone remembers Grammy right?  It turns out that she collected inkwells also...of every shape and size. I like to think she was carrying on or prolonging the tradition  but in reality I am sure she just appreciated the function and style of what once was.

 If anyone is curious,  you can join the SOIC. The Society of Inkwell Collectors,  its $45 a year and there is an opening for a Director at Large (I might have submitted an application.)
I never expect to hear about the resurgence of inkwells,  or that suddenly they are cool again...I get it,  they are dinosaurs...but I imagine there was something cathartic about spending time with a dip pen and an inkwell and ink and knowing it was always going to work. I hope you enjoyed your 4th.Seth

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Favorite New Mini

Mini post. Mini pen. I like a .4 pen that feels like a .3.  It is rare but it happens. Meet the Hi~Tec C Slim Knock. It's been a great travel pen, small enough that I can just throw it in my journal and close it with only a small bump.
I like mini pens... they're different, they're odd, they kind of barely fit my hand but I always keep them around because they are different.
I will be ordering many more refills on this one and I see it staying in the daily rotation.
Have a great Fourth of July everybody. I will get a full review out on this one later and thanks again.