Sunday, February 10, 2013

Muji to Go

Seriously. Do yourself a favor. Next time you are passing through Terminal 5 in JFK, swing by "Muji to Go" and pick up a few good pens.  I don't want to say that I have purposefully flown through New York just to go pen I won't actually say that.  However,  I have suddenly found myself in Terminal 5 with a itch and a twenty in my hand. Usually later...the flight attendants are wondering why I have a silly smile on my face while crazily switching pens back and forth in my journal. This is the Gel-Ink Ballpoint in 0.38. and you can buy them online for $1.25.  That hurts to say. It's not fair.  Good Pens like this at this price point make me want to buy handfuls of them. (I have.)
There's the goodness above. 0.38 might be my happy place when it comes to pen widths.  Pens that help my handwriting better are always welcomed and this one is just right for me. There are other flavors if that's not your bag,  but the skinny ones work for me.
 It's a really lightweight pen- but not so much that it bothers me to write with all day.  If you are saying to yourself that you do not want a pen that has a cap but you like the idea of this pen...fear not- they make a clicky version that I will post about later.
 Here's a link to get some of these: if you aren't lucky enough to get to NYC.   I doubt you will be disappointed.  I think that I have seen You've Got Mail...but I don't remember the line.  Good one though.
So,  if you have been on the blog lately.  You will notice I have been making some small tweaks.  I got rid of all the pay to click ads (Amazon and Google).  They were just distracting and I was always donating the proceeds anyway. I added a Paypal donate button in case anyone wants to keep the lights on for me.

Back to shoveling.  Elmo was a little nuts.