Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Sailor DE!

I am not even going back to look at the date of the last post.. Typical us up and then let us down.  Yep, guilty. So, if you are reading this and you are happy- you need to thank Robert. Robert (only using first names here, people) was kind enough to shoot me a quick email and just kindly ask "Hey,  where are you?" Within 30 seconds of reading that email I had a plan- of sorts.
I reached over here. (see above)  Closed my eyes and grabbed a pen. My mind was set,  even if it was already reviewed, I was going to blog. I grabbed  the camera, searched the whole house for my tripod (never found it) , cranked up The Eels and grabbed a Lagunitas Maximas tro start the process. (And I did miss the process)  Oh yeah, it's on. One or two of you might stop to ask where I have been. Funny you should ask.  I have become slightly obsessed with Squash. Like.. sit in a dark room at night watching Squash videos learning strategy obsessed. I traveled through most of the US, started cranking out a ton of art that is  mostly just  for me and my friends. I did  put up an Etsy store (I know, I know...but everyone knows I am a dude right?) and have been building up some ideas and some of those will start popping up here. (Linocuts are coming)  Enough about me,  here's what I grabbed. (wait, was that still about me?)
Ready for the embarrassing part?  This pen was hard to Google and  I couldn't remember where I had bought it and the Sailor website wasn't helping me. (That also might be because I haven't had any dinner and the Lagunitas is starting to kick in.  "Blog Drunk.. Edit Never" might be my new motto! I finally found it on the Jetpens website but I am not sure I bought it there. It's possible, but I didn't think I would spend $16.50 on this when I am normally an XXF fountain pen guy. Regardless...I have it and there is a really good reason why this is still inked up. It is like butter.
And it's cool, that's why,  long, green and different.  The nib has a 55 degree angle that  looks like someone dropped a rounded nib on the floor and ruined it. The best part is still to come though...
 (looks scary right?  click on the picture for a better view) Officially it is the 
Sailor DE Brush Stroke Style Calligraphy Fountain Pen - Bamboo Green - Nib Angle 55 Degrees (whew.)
IT IS SMOOOOTH!   Writing with this reminds me of a worn down and well loved Sign Pen.  It's ridiculously smooth even on the cheapest of paper. It makes you feel like a cartoonist, or a graffiti artist or a rock star. I might not have used this for a month or two, but when I fired it up for the shoot... it flowed like a beast and I love it.  I wish I had more reasons to use it.
 But sadly I do not have enough reasons to use it.  
 If nothing else,  this thing served a purpose to get me back in the game. Next week I am visiting on of my favorite towns and in that town is a tiny little pen shop that seems to be able to leave me without any money in my pocket and I plan on going out to stock up on goodies for the blog.  So, keep an eye out, I might be changing the drapes a little bit and cleaning up the site but for n ]ow, you can thank Robert.  (and I will as well.)

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