Thursday, September 1, 2011

Vegas Baby...let's ramble for a bit

I know... I know... Another long period of time has passed since I have even thought about blogging. I take full responsibility.
Any who..I have a tremendous amount of time sitting at gate 50 in Vegas Airport so I thought I would let you know what is going on.

Here's the problem. I *gasp* haven't been writing with pens a lot. I now have an iPad. It's dreamy but the bad part keeps pens out of my hands. And that means I haven't been dragging my good pens with me when I travel.

I was embarrassed when I realized that this is all I brought to Vegas and I actually found the Signo. Granted the pencils that I did bring are Phat. The Kuru Toga is monumentally good.
(taken on my iPad, sorry for the quality)
Click on the pic for a better view.

2 sharpies and 2 mechanical pencils and only 1 Sarasa. It's a little sad. I think I need to go home and load my bag back up. Historically I over carried pens. Going to extremes was part of the routine that I had when it came to what I carried with me.

I tried to simplify and it backfired. The movement to reduce has a place in this world...but not with my pens. Before I post this I need to do some deleting. I am going to smile and delete the two note taking tools that I downloaded for the iPad. The journal will go back into action and I will compromise. iPad- you have your place, but when technology takes away from me putting ink on paper I want it to stop. Oh and yes I realize that I am writing a post about using more pens on my iPad. That irony is thick.

For those that like music updates from me, the new Bon Iver is on heavy rotation and although the lyrics don't usually make a lick of sense...the songs are beautiful. I highly recommend a good set of headphones and a little quiet time for yourself to enjoy it.

So thanks for sticking with me through the long drought and expect more soon.


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