Tuesday, July 21, 2009

#2 in 2 weeks...Broken Preppy

Crack..."Man down, Man Down!...Medic! Mediiiiic!" Ok, maybe it was not that dramatic... but yes, I have had 2 broken pens in two weeks. My beloved eyedropper Preppy sadly is no more.

There was a note left on my desk: It went a like this:

"Dear Seth, you have asked too much of me for too long. I am a cartridge filled pen that lives on the edge of being a disposable, but you made me into something I cannot stand up to with your crazy silicon grease and your syringes. I am not a Parker 51 or Waterman designed to live through the stress and through years of punishment, I am a little Japanese flower that must be treated carefully. Sadly, I can put up with you no longer and I am leaving you. My ink is on your hands (literally, insert Nelson from The Simpsons saying "Ha Ha" here) Signed: Preppy

After the autopsy, I found a little crack through the body that was enough to allow air in and sadly...ink out. I have not thought about bringing this one back yet. I have another body that fits from a sign pen, but I like that sign pen. Good bye Preppy. Stay tuned as I sort this one out. Preppy...you will be missed.
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Pen Lust

How does it happen? One minute I log on to check the weather and the next minute- I am on Ebay searching for a quick way to drain my bank account. Then it happens. Lust: I will skip the first 6 definitions to keep this PG-13 but #7 applies here: 7. to have a yearning or desire; have a strong or excessive craving (often fol. by for or after).

Strong excessive craving definitely applies here. The object of my lust? This little beast. (link to Ebay) I know it's not perfect, but I almost have to have it. I usually have about 30 items that I am in need of, so I do need to pick my battles, but sometimes they just call your name.

Again, I probably will let this one pass because it will go for far more than it's worth, but for now...today...I love it. Then again...we might be fighting for it in 5 days and 12 hours.