Friday, August 7, 2015

Dear pen chewers of the world...

I don't like you.  You make my life really hard.  It's not easy telling someone that this is probably not polishing out.  

Find a straw or something and get rid of your oral fixation.  Not on Sheaffer's.  And yes, I realize this was probably done 20 years ago.  

Enjoy your (pen chewing free) weekend!


Thursday, August 6, 2015

My Daily 5 examined.

I looked down at my desk and found out I was pretty happy with the 5 pens that I have been keeping inked up and alive.  Five is a really good "everyday at the office" number for me.    Starting left to right:

1. Pentel Sign Pen.  (.42 cents or so)
I buy these by the 12 pack from Amazon.  If I need to scribble details on a call or meeting, I grab this.  Writes big, fat, sloppy and is guaranteed to write. AK-47... not built for precision, but built to work, regardless. 

2. 0.5 Pentel mechanical non pen. ($4.00)
I generally prefer a .04,  but I also prefer that I can heavy hand it and the lead will not snap. I use the Lamy lead refills.  They are a little more expensive, but for some reason they work out better for me. 

3. Pilot G-6 07.  (5.00)
kidding,  seriously,  did you just meet me?  OK,  it's a G-7 body with a Zebra .04 refill in it.  I have a small trick that I use to make it better and will go over in another post.  But comfort wise... I am happiest here. 

4. Hero 616.  ($1.00) 
Yes, there are two fountain pens here.  This one stays filled with Thornton's Luxury Goods Black ink.  Never gets cleaned... just refilled. I tweaked the nib to where it's somewhere between a fine and a medium and it's juicy. Not good for cheap paper, but good for my better notebooks.   If someone asks me about this pen,  I usually give it away to them and buy these by the 12 pack. 

5. Pilot Penmanship. ($.8.00)
 Extra fine goodness,  I swear this would write on toilet paper without bleeding. I think it's a refilled cartridge with Parker's Super Quink but I am not sure.  I just simply love it and have used this one for 3 or 4 years now consistently

I do realize that these 5 pens are fairly inexpensive,  but I don't mind that at all.  These 5 will get me through 99% of my writing needs and I can easily replace them (by going to my stash) where I have backups.  

Any one's daily 5 close to mine?



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