Thursday, August 6, 2015

My Daily 5 examined.

I looked down at my desk and found out I was pretty happy with the 5 pens that I have been keeping inked up and alive.  Five is a really good "everyday at the office" number for me.    Starting left to right:

1. Pentel Sign Pen.  (.42 cents or so)
I buy these by the 12 pack from Amazon.  If I need to scribble details on a call or meeting, I grab this.  Writes big, fat, sloppy and is guaranteed to write. AK-47... not built for precision, but built to work, regardless. 

2. 0.5 Pentel mechanical non pen. ($4.00)
I generally prefer a .04,  but I also prefer that I can heavy hand it and the lead will not snap. I use the Lamy lead refills.  They are a little more expensive, but for some reason they work out better for me. 

3. Pilot G-6 07.  (5.00)
kidding,  seriously,  did you just meet me?  OK,  it's a G-7 body with a Zebra .04 refill in it.  I have a small trick that I use to make it better and will go over in another post.  But comfort wise... I am happiest here. 

4. Hero 616.  ($1.00) 
Yes, there are two fountain pens here.  This one stays filled with Thornton's Luxury Goods Black ink.  Never gets cleaned... just refilled. I tweaked the nib to where it's somewhere between a fine and a medium and it's juicy. Not good for cheap paper, but good for my better notebooks.   If someone asks me about this pen,  I usually give it away to them and buy these by the 12 pack. 

5. Pilot Penmanship. ($.8.00)
 Extra fine goodness,  I swear this would write on toilet paper without bleeding. I think it's a refilled cartridge with Parker's Super Quink but I am not sure.  I just simply love it and have used this one for 3 or 4 years now consistently

I do realize that these 5 pens are fairly inexpensive,  but I don't mind that at all.  These 5 will get me through 99% of my writing needs and I can easily replace them (by going to my stash) where I have backups.  

Any one's daily 5 close to mine?




Anonymous said...

(1) Pilot varsity with original ink replaced with Private Reserve's Midnight Blues
(2) pilot varsity with Private Reserve's Vampire Red
(3) Parker Jotter with the blue medium refill
(4) Pentel pencil with .7 (softest lead possible)
(5) Parker Jotter pencil with .5 (HB lead)

I too prefer the daily five to be easily replaced if lost, damaged.

Good blog!

Hisham said...

Daily 5? That is a tough one. In trying to post a comment here I am trying.
1. Uniball Signo DX 0.38 in Brown
2. Pilot Rexgrip 0.7 for ball run in black. Seldom use though
3. Pilot Penmanship with M nib from Pilot MR with Lamy Blue
4. Platinum Oleenu 0.5mm mech pencil. Cheap plastic kind with 4B lead with clip removed.
5. Pilot MR with F italic nin from Penmanship with Unica Black cartridge

4 and 5 gets a lot of use. I am still undecided about the 4 because of the soft lead, I like the fatter girth of the Oleenu and yet the convenience sideknock lead advance on Platinum Pocheno makes life easier especially when I am doodling.
Unica is a sub-brand of Pilot think and their cartridges are cheap being half the price of Pelikan ones and I like the Black.
As for being easily replaceable, not quite so in our neck of the wood. Online prices are a little too high for the likes of us ere. It got to do with average income within our borders and yet we do get some good stuffs that filters in at much lower international asking prices.

Deepo said...

While I keep more than 5 in my handbag (the luxury of carrying a handbag - you can carry more pens), I probably use about 5 in rotation at work and a different 5 at home which live in a Muji box on my desk. I use only one pencil and only for drawing - a small stubby Farber Castell mechanical pencil.

Pilot Raden Vanishing Point (ink color varies with my mood)
Pélican Souveran in taupe filled with Diamene Red Dragon
Twsbi mini diamond 540 with Diamene Oxblood
Pilot Falcon with J Herbin Stormy Grey (this nib brings out the best in this ink)
Kaweco Lilliput Fireblue alternating blue and brown inks

Franklin Christoph 02 italic nib with JHerbin Emerald of Chivor
Parker Sonnet with Pilot Iroshizuko Yama Guri
Pélican Souverain M400 OB nib trying out JHerbin's Lie de The (sample)
Platinum Plasir fine point (in pink!) with Iroshizuko tsutsuji (more pink)
Platinum Plasir medium point silver with Iroshizuko tsuyu kuso (blue)
I also have a Kaweco skyline mint green that needs cleaning and re=inking, color tbd

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