Monday, March 23, 2015

Daily Carry

Quick update on the pens that I carry on a daily basis and what has been in heavy rotation.  The other side of the book has my fountain pens.  Will get a shot of those later. The G-6 has a Sarasa .4 (blue-black) in it (as does the Waterman.)   Click for a better view.  I need to review the Techno Line,  I really like that little thing.   After going from 20-30 pens in my bag, I have settled down a little.  This changes when I travel, but for now I am happy with the rotation.
It's good to be back. 

Good Pens


Hisham said...

I carry a lot. Two small cases. The bigger one is just a zippered pencil case that also houses some odds and ends. Whenever I can I prefer to use Fountain Pen even for doodling. For those unfriendly papers I go the mech pencil route.

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