Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tornado by Retro Pen

The contest is in full swing from yesterday and the "bring the funny" is coming along nicely. I think I have my randomizer just about tuned up and ready to go.

Now back to today's pen.

I have always gone back to this pen when in need. It's substantial. It has some weight to it. Some pens feel like in these tough times, they could snap in two. Not this pen. It sort of feels bulletproof and is sitting here on a Foray notebook.

No this isn't a pen holder, it's a reclaimed chain and rim from a bicycle made into a business card holder. Cool. This pen and the holder were both gifts that I received years ago. I own a few pens from the Retro Pen line and they have always been rock solid without question.

I've had a serious addiction to The Avett Brothers lately. It's not my usual brand of music, but it's really working for me right now. Check them out if you get a chance.
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