Monday, April 20, 2009

The Sarasa Stick 0.4

I really thought I reviewed this pen before, but looking back, I didn't see anything in the archives. The Sarasa Stick is definitely a Good Pen. This one has a light blueish-black ink and I really like that combo here. I love when pens say they are a .4 and they actually are what they say they are. It's sort of refreshing!

In fact, anything with Sarasa in the name makes me happy... Here it is on my Foray. And I wont lie... I use Foray notebooks almost daily for work. I have to use an EF if I am down with the fountain pens, but for most of my gel pens, the Foray's are perfect. I have had a system for years and it works for me.

I also use about 10,000 other notebooks but the Foray is my main one if I am working on a to do list. .
It's good to be back from traveling. I know I need to catch up on some comments and emails so hang tight if I owe you something. Thanks,.
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Anonymous said...

Where can I find that notebook online? Thx!

John Johnston said...

I agree - Sarasas are great pens! I prefer the clip but I'm sure the stick writes equally well.

Anonymous said...

Office Depot is closing out the Foray line (Foray is a Chinese company that went bankrumpt according to a OD employee). Better get your Foray stuff while you can!!