Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pilot Silver Marker (EF point)

Paint markers are pretty cool right? They are usually willing to just dump large amounts of paint anywhere you like and on any surface. I am sure I bought this for an art project or for something very specific, but I have not managed to finish it yet. Oh yeah, and it produces a ton of nib creep. Remember my paint swab from the other day? (Recycling!)

They also offer this in a gold marker as well. This is one time when it says EF and I really do not mine that it writes about a .9. You sort of get what you get on this one and I did not expect anything finer.

Here is my biggest issue with this pen. It does not post. And believe me, the last thing I need is an open container of silver paint marker rolling around my house.

In the "Great News" department Muji is now selling their pens online. This is a really good thing! My order is already in even though I went to their store last month. this could be trouble.
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OfficeSupplyGeek said...

I used to use something similar for modeling projects a long time ago...I miss working with them. Very nice review as usual though.