Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Fountain Pen Experiment Day 1.

I made it till about 1:00 this afternoon when I realized that I had not used a roller ball, or gel pen, or a marker or a pencil yet. I had used only fountain pens. So... that got me to thinking...could I go the entire day using only fountain pens? I can and I did.

So the experiment was put into action, could I go 2 days with only using fountain pens? Could I do 2 weeks? Could I do all month? It's worth a try just to test my will power alone.

All month it is... My only straying will be if I do writing samples for my daily posts. The only rule is...nothing other than fountain pens for work or play for the rest of the month of April. The countdown begins. I just completed a massive re-inking to get things rolling. this should be fun.
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OfficeSupplyGeek said...

Great idea...I think the longest I ever went was 2 days, but I was not trying...I have faith in you being able to go the whole month, but do fountain pens write on white boards? :)

Tournevis said...

I've converted permanently to fountain pens a decade ago. I'm never going back. The main reason: my hands don't hurt even after a day of writing. That and you get people fawning over your "real" pens, ask questions about it

The Missive Maven said...

Ooooooh - coool!

Nosferatuia said...

Very neat...I cant wait to hear the outcome :).

RedPiano1 said...

(office geek said)"...I have faith in you being able to go the whole month, but do fountain pens write on white boards? :) "

Well they do... but just the once. ;)

Ashley said...

As a teacher I spent most of the last decade of my career using either chalk, a dip pen or one of my many fountain pens. Usually my Hero and my Charles Hubert (red in the Hero and Blue in the Charles Hubert).
I never touched a ball pen in all that time. I was considered old fashioned by other staff, but many of my students followed my example and bought fountain pens.

prison rodeo said...

Provided you don't count highlighters or whiteboard markers, I've used only FPs since 1/1/09. The key is to have MANY of them, lying around everywhere, and filled with different colors of ink. I recommend buying a 10-pack or two of Hero 616s (via eBay) for this purpose.

Anonymous said...

I am amazed at some of the comments. A decade? Wow!

John Johnston said...

Okay - I'm going to have to try the FP experiment! I've got a Pelikan 215, and a Lamy Safari filled and ready to go.

Now I have to break the news to my other pens. :(

Peter said...

I love using fountain pens whenever I can, but find they aren't brilliant for small writing such as form filling. Still use mine as often as possible.

The Missive Maven said...

Peter - I have some extra-extra-fine nib fountain pens that write smaller, finer and more precise than almost any other pen. You'd want to make sure it's the right kind of ink to deal with forms, and of course if it's a carbon copy situation you're out of luck... oh, never mind! :-)

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