Monday, April 6, 2009

Expo Whiteboard Markers (love)

I have a serious need for my whiteboards. I also have a serious need for my Expo dry erase markers. These two hang in my office and are in constant use. It was cleaning time over the weekend so I wiped them down and grabbed the camera.

My favorite is the fine point (shown above) although I do write with the chisel tip at times. I love that I can walk over to my whiteboards and just start brainstorming if the moment hits. I keep two boards side by side because I start on the left and move the good thoughts and ideas to the right for refinement.

One of my first high tech jobs was with a company that used dry erase markers in their products so I have seen my share of these. Did you know you can buy scented dry erase markers? Yes you can: Black/chocolate mint, blue/blueberry, green/apple, purple/grape, orange/orange and red/cherry. Fun.

I keep a small pile right here beside my whiteboards, easy to grab when I need them. I probably go to my boards 3 or 4 times a day for whatever. I still love pen and paper, but nothing is as smooth as a dry erase marker on the board. It just flows.

Redsox opening day today. No rain outs today please!
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OfficeSupplyGeek said...

Is that some sort of black Levenger leather covered product you store those in?

Glad to see that Im not the only one excited for the start of baseball...although I'll leave the Yankees/RedSox issues out of this. ;)

Robyn Wright of Robyn's Online World said...

Great idea about having 2 boards and moving keeper ideas from one to the other. The thin black is also my favorite and the one everyone grabs first.

calimama@compactbydesign said...

You wouldn't mind sending over a dozen of the black pens, would you? I need black for my mirror (which I use like a white board), and I need chocolate. It's a craving. I call it pregnancy but maybe it's just life.