Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Pilot Explorer...welcome back!

Good news! Before I wrote this, I really thought this was an old pen that I wouldn't be able to find again. I was wrong! A quick Google search shows tons of these available. Even in blue and in extra fine. Yee-haw. If you like them you can buy them here and here. (no affiliation) Nice!

I am becoming a big fan of the Rhodia's and here is a little one that is usually with me on the road. It feels like I have been using these pens for a long time. It's a simple retractable design in a good pen that I do not have to worry about losing the cap. Clicky, clicky!

I might actually start carrying this around with me (now that I know I can buy more if needed.) I have a white one of these with a VW logo on it as well. It's just a lightweight yet solid pen that works pretty well for me.

Sorry, I have been slow to catch up on the comments and emails, give me a day and I will be back on track. Thanks!

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dowdyism said...

Wow - I completely forgot about this pen! I used to use these religiously and would have to hunt them down. Thanks for bringing it back!

Anonymous said...

Love this pen. Thanks for the links.

Good Pens said...

Yeah, I actually used this pen today...a lot. Like finding an old friend. I want to try the extra fine though

Matt said...

I stumbled across your blog tonight, and I love it. What a cool idea for a blog. Keep the good info coming!

Anonymous said...

I used to love that pen when I was back in school! Funny thing is, they seem to have disappeared here in Asia as well. Glad to see you've found them.

Anonymous said...

i used to work for a company that used only these pens! i loved them. i saw one at a friends house the other day and started looking online for them found a place to buy them in bulk. :)

Anonymous said...

These are the best pens! I've been using them, without fail, since 1992. I had been getting them from staples (online), but tody I learned that they no longer have them (they've been replaced by the "Dr. Grip" which is very different.) The feature that I love is that the tip retracts when you pinch the top of the clip as you are putting it in your shirt pocket. No more shirts ruined with ink stains! I'm glad to see that they are still available as I'm down to my last three pens.

Unknown said...

friends....where can i get this in mumbai....i was fond of it ...and still have one...but lack of refill .....if i can get the refill or the pen...i wud be extremely happy...tks guys....


Anonymous said...

same pen that Job corp in Oregon uses to supply their staff good pens that last and don't break easily they have them on the Pilot website in red, black, and blue along with refills for them.

Anonymous said...

Such a genius contour to the body. Works great for whether you rest on your ring finger or middle finger. It feels like an expensive pen just without the weight.

Anonymous said...

Looks like this has been completely discontinued now. The web says you can replace it with Dr. Grip Center of Gravity refills, but I tried it and they are too small. Unless there's another refill that works, it's back to the drawing board for a nice-feeling, nice-writing pen that retracts when you put it in your pocket.

Anonymous said...

Oops the Dr. Grip refills DO work. I just dropped the spring.

Brent Legendre said...


richard shapiro said...

Where can I buy Explorer pens? I was told that they were discontinued but
there must be some stores that still carry them.

Anonymous said...

the dr grips refills don't do the job. any find a place that carries refills or a pen similar to the explorer? I miss this pen so much!

richard shapiro said...

I miss them, too but I was told they were discontinued. This is August 2011. Have they started to make them again??

Anonymous said...

I'm down to my last Explorer and desperately looking for refills... any suggestions?

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

If you take the pen apart completely you see that inside the refill is a small plastic cylinder with packed cotton inside. If you take that out with some small needle nose pliers you can soak it in a bottle of ink and it will take up the ink and you can keep using it. I am addicted to these pens and you can't find them anymore. I recently found a red one on ebay from Australia and bought it. I'm a teacher and one of my high school students decided to steal it off my desk yesterday. I am sooooo depressed now because you just can't find them anywhere anymore. At least I still have a few black ones that I bought back in the 70s I think.
I'm so sad.

Anonymous said...

Bring The Explorer Extra Fine point back please, bring it back! I still love this pen. On my last one and I want to order a bunch more! Feels great to my carpal tunnel hands and it lasts a good length of time. No problems with the red ones, they are good too! Please bring them back. Thank you from a Lady who knows good pens. If I am endorsing these pens you really must bring them back.

jeniwren said...

I'm with you anonymous. I still hanker to find more. I just noticed some old stock on ebay. $17 plus @9 postage... daylight robbery.
Loved it... I still have refills, but not the pens.

Anonymous said...

Where can I find Pilot Explorer Extra Fine Blue pens. I desperately need them now. Can anyone help me?

Unknown said...

where i can buy the pilot Explorer extra fine pens.can any one help me?
Iam from india

Anonymous said...

Alas, they have been discontinued.

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