Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Pilot G-knock 7

This one showed up in my Christmas stocking of all places. It's funny because before Christmas I wrote:

"Dear Santa, All I want is a 1984 Honda CB750 Cafe Racer Motorcycle like this for Christmas. That is all, nothing else, thank you, you are great and say hey to the Elves for me"

....and I got a 3 pack of .7 pens. That aside... I had a wonderful Christmas and I am adding the motorcycle to my birthday list (damn you Santa.) I kinda "mehed' on these pens when I first saw them. They had a couple things against them.

1. They were .7's
2. They were not a motorcycle (bitter much? Obsessed much?)

But after busting off the plastic and using these, they were not that bad. They felt skinnier than a .7 and I found myself reaching for them every now and then--which surprised me and even writing the quote before I was a little taken back at not horrible it is. Still not in my top 10 (I can't believe you brought that up.) But not bad.

So, don't be afraid to pick up those pens in a store you might pass over because they do not fit into your category... branch out... try something new, but you will always have your Good Pens.

Cheers, Happy New Year!! And thanks to those who offered to donate for my ride!

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Carmen said...

LOL- great post. The ink that runs through my veins is def Uniball, but you're right and you have to branch out every now and then. Good luck with the Honda. My reco is that those presents are usually found under one's bed, if you know what I mean. I made sure I got my Canon that way.
Like the quote, btw. Will retweet.

Peter Lavelle said...

I like the quotation there.

Never had much like with pens except for biros - being left-handed, it's too easy to brush the ink as my hand passes the page. Feel I've missed out on a genuine pleasure!

Alex said...

More posts! Please?

Good Pens said...

Alex- Consider it done. Seriously, I saw your comment and grabbed my camera and a pen. Thanks for the push!

Good Pens said...

Peter, I think about the left-handers in the world a lot. I end up with more ink on my hands than I possible could and I am a righty. Good luck and Thanks for reading.

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