Thursday, December 31, 2009

Top 10 of 2010 #3 Waterman 92

There's a couple reasons why this is so high up on my list. #1 is that I rescued this pen from an antique store where it was sitting there with a ridiculously low price tag on it. The sac was as dry as they come but the nib was something beautiful. A quick shine and it was a thing of beauty once again. #2. It makes me want to use it. Nope not for a journal or a calendar, but to just flow and create. looks pretty sweet.

This is all you need to see. The 92 stamped on the butt. In 1892 Sad Sam Jones, the Major league pitcher was born. In 1992 I was living in Japan surfing my way through the islands. That was a good year. This is a good pen.

I will never need therapy. All I need to do is find a nice clean sheet of good paper, some nice ink and I can doodle my troubles away. Unless I ever lose this pen, then I will need therapy. is New Years eve and it has been a fun year. I had a new baby, I took a few months off, I picked up some good pens...and I am glad to see that after a break you guys came back. 2010 should be a blast.

I know I still owe you #2 and #1 there will be out shortly. Have a great night, stay safe and see you Jan 1.


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Okami said...

What a lovely doodle.

Happy New Year to you and your's. See you in 2010

The Gravelcat said...

What a beautiful pen!!!

Leigh said...

Happy new doodles! :) That's a good pen. :)

Ruby said...

A great story of a great pen. It warms the cockles of my heart, something which I've always wanted to say! I love semi-flex pen though I only have a Merlin 33 now.

Wishing you a great 2010 with you family.

Suzanne said...

beautiful doodling indeed!

Anonymous said...

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