Thursday, December 31, 2009

Oh, Final note for the Year..(non-pen related)

I posted this on Twitter and Facebook and had a few people request the link again so here it is in case you need a good end of year tax donation. I am riding my bike in a single day 100 mile ride next Spring raising money for the American Diabetes Association with the Tour de Cure in CT.

I gathered a few good friends of mine that I raced with in the past and convinced them to pedal for 6 or more hours straight. If you feel inclined, here is my donation page , you can search for Seth Goodling (my name) and here is a link to the Tour De Cure page if you need a little more info. Or direct link here

Thanks in advance, I appreciate it.



Eric said...
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Anonymous said...

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soulsearcher said...

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Roshan Reddy said...

It's really good to read something we had interest. Keep blogging. All the best.

Roshan Reddy
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