Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Top 10 of 2009. #10

In the 6th grade I had to quit learning the Saxophone for a number of reasons...my sax was on back order- so I was late in learning the notes... I had a cold- so I couldn't really play that well oh..and my rhythm sucked. Looking back, I really just wanted to go ride my bike. (Some things never change.) That was a pretty hard decision to tell my instructor that I no longer was able to continue taking lessons. Now, I am kinda glad I didn't toil away precious hours drooling into a piece of brass.

That was a long introduction into another difficult decision...picking my top ten pens/writing instruments/related pen thingy of 2009. The next 10 posts will be a rating in order of the stuff I have used the most this year. Simple right?

My best Casey Casem voice ..."Coming in at # 10, the Zebra Sarasa Clip .04 in Blue-Black." (OK, back to the normal voice now) If this pen were an alarm clock, it would gently wake you up with cute little whispers, put some almond butter on a piece of toast and make you a perfect double espresso. It's that good. My original review is here if you are curious.

As always, click for better pictures...Seen here on a nice Rhodia 5x5, you can get an idea of how fine that .4 is. It's just a little insane how good this ink/roller combination is. The kicker is, you can get it from Jetpens for less than that double espresso would actually cost you. Buy one here if you are interested.

I have given these pens away to people and said "trust me, you will love this pen" and I don't have a negative thing to say about it. I have bought these 10 and 20 at a time and have never regretted it once. It's a good pen and an early prediction is that this one will be in my top 10 for a long time. Oh, and it's good to be back, thanks for all the comments and emails everyone.

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Anonymous said...

What pen holder is that? I like, I like. :3

Debbie Ann said...

love this pen. I like a lot of your choices - sarasa clip, pens in wrappers (thank you kinokuniya) also hi-tec c.

Anonymous said...

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