Friday, December 18, 2009

Number 9. The Parker 51

Choosing # 9 was not an easy decision. It wasn't my most used pen this year, but this 51 did see some heavy use. You can do a search for numerous Good Pen reviews on these, but it's true: the 51 is a classic all around. The only reason it dropped down to #9 is because there are so many pens that I need with me at all times and truthfully, I don't drag this one out to the grocery store when I need to check Desenex Antifungal Athlete's Foot Spray Powder I mean...milk off of the list.

But when it comes time to sit down and enjoy writing- this one is my ideal pen. Sure, the paper/ink combo has to be pretty good, but I don't even mind a little bleeding with this baby.

Here's the business end. I have mentioned a few times...but, I need to say it again...George S. Parker- Thank you. Thank you sir for this pen.

Get it? There's a nine in this quote. This 51 is loaded with Sailor Black right now and it's a good ink for me. Some may want the carpet to match the drapes and try to put some sort of Blue/black ink in this one, but for now, I like the black.

Is anyone else putting their top 10 together? I would love to see what I am missing. Feel free to comment and have a great weekend!

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dowdyism said...

That may be my kids favorite ball. Oh - nice pen too. :)

Anonymous said...

It's true, I had a 5 minute window till the ball had to be back in play.

elmo iscariot said...

I know how you feel. I carry my 51 whenever I have a shirt pocket to put it in. If I need a pen to ride in a pants pocket, though, it has to be something more robust and replaceable.

But when you can use it... There is nothing in this world quite like a 60 year old pen that lays down a nice, broad line. It may not be the world's finest writing instrument, but it feels like you're _painting_ words with it. :)

Raphael Rosen said...

Have you ever tried a Pilot MultiBall? I doubt they are in the same league as the Parker 51, but still, I think they're great.

Good Pens said...

Raphael- Big fan of the Multiball My review is here Thanks for reading, Hope all is well with you!


John Johnston said...

The Parker 51 is on my wish list. For now I'm using a Hero wannabe, but still wanting the Real McCoy.

Annie said...

i like this one alot

ethernet extender kit said...

Cute pens and balls as well.

gidgey said...

Probably a dumb question, but here it goes: Does this sort of nib have a specific name? You know, the way the nib is at an angle inside the tip of the pen like that. I'd like to get this sort of pen, but not at the cost of the 51.

Thanks for any help!

gidgey said...

Wait... is that really a fountain pen with the tip hidden?? I really can't tell with all the smaller pics on the internet.

elmo iscariot said...

Yep. It's a full nib, but most of it is inside the plexiglass handle. Not only does it look sleek and retro-futuristic; it also protects the ink channel from air and keeps the nib from drying out as quickly as many other pens. I can set my 51 down for a few minutes, and when I pick it back up it starts writing immediately.

They're wonderful pens. Mine is the most expensive pen I own, but it's already lasted sixty years with no sign of slowing down. I expect to get my money's worth out of it. :)

Nautical Decor said...

Like this - but quite expensive!

elmo iscariot said...

Mine was less than $150 from, and came with a matching 51 mechanical pencil in its original presentation box. They have a few up right now, alone and in sets, for under 150, including a 1948 example near the bottom (find-in-page for "LP10") with a cordovan body and gold-filled cap for only $90.

It's not chump change, but it's a damned good price for a 60 year old classic that you can expect to last your lifetime. And that price includes been cleaning, inspection, repair, and a satisfaction guarantee. Pretty good, in my book. :)

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