Friday, March 6, 2009

Pilot Fountain Pen (Tee Hee)

If you would have seen me today, you would have seen a big goofy grin on my face. It's because of this pen.
I wrote about the black version of this pen here in the past and I was able to pick up a clear version in New York City this week and it is perfect.
It's like someone handed me a big bowl full of kittens and sunshine. (No kittens were harmed in that joke.)

Even Hell's Kitchen cannot get me flustered right now. I'm like..."whatever Chef---I have a new pen." this beasty has an EF point that is nearly perfect for me.

Here's the new family. Just happiness. Happy. Happy. Happy.

Four pictures in one post? It must be love. I am going to go back to my giggling now. Have a great weekend.

Very Good Pens.

Seth (tee hee)
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The Missive Maven said...

Wow, that pen looks awesome! What kind is it?? Where did you get it?? I want one!!

Anonymous said...

Haven't seen those at Jetpens. Do they have them with left handed tips?

Anonymous said...


John Johnston said...

(in Jack Nicholson's voice) "Where does he get those wonderful toys?"

Seriously, great looking pen! Gotta find one.

Nrepose said...

Nice! I like it much beter than the black one. Nr

Anonymous said...

Nice pen I'm in the NYC area where did you pick it up from?

Melinda said...

I would love to find a retailer of these somewhere!

Good Pens said...

Brian, I have not seen left handed nibs, although there is not a word of English on the package so... I updated today's post with some details on the pen. I will try and track down another source as well


Nrepose said...

I just found a pen almost like this at Target. It is called Plumix. The nib is medium and the barrel is a little different but, overall, the pen is the same. Nr

Nrepose said...

Correction, it has an italic nib. Sweet! Nr

FeMaven said...

Is it refillable?

a frog named purl said...

but where'd you get it? did i miss that bit? hahaa. jetpens caries this now and that's where i first saw it. they are so outta stock though. i wonder if it is suitable for conversion to ED...

Note Booker, Esq. said...

This was one of the first fountain pens I purchased. I love the thin line, but you pay a price in scratchy feel, I think.

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