Monday, February 9, 2009

Sheaffer Cadet Tip-Dip

I have been slowly and methodically collecting and falling in love with this line of pens. Some of you may call them the poor man's Craftsman, but to me, they are just incredible pens. The have a touchdown filler with a sweet hole on the underside of the nib to draw the ink in.

I have a few F1's (fine's) but this one is a Medium that make me happy. There's a 1 beside the M in this one. I believe the dates are somewhere around the 1950's and I think they sold for around $3.00 at the time. Don't hate the player...but I actually bought this for less than that the other week.

Sleek! They made a version of this called the 23 that was gold and rumor has is a little flexy. Still on the lookout for one of those.

I am not afraid to use this as a daily writer and I do on occasion. Inks up easy, writes smooth and looks good sitting on an avocado. Gotta go, Iron Chef is on.

Thanks for all the great feedback over the weekend. I appreciate the comments and emails, keep them coming.
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OfficeSupplyGeek said...

Nice looking pen, that nib looks a bit thin for a Medium, but Ill take your word for it...even without a writing sample. ;) Very nice write up though.

Speedmaster said...

Great color.

Readymade said...

Agreed. Great colour. Nice find!

Good Pens said...

OSG- I will post a side by side on the M1 and the F1 nibs soon.(but you are right) Thanks all, I appreciate the comments.

Anonymous said...

I'll have to keep my eye out for some of these older (read used) pens. I absolutely love that soft green. As much as I love a straight brown ink, I would have to play with a sunset orange or deep, ruby pink ink just so I can enjoy the color combo while writing!

Reader511 said...

I found one of these in my parents' house and just learned how to fill it the other day (it has puzzled me for years, but I forgot about it and then found it again and researched it on the Internet). My question is this--when I refill it, it only writes for a short while (I have to refill it 3 times to write a single sheet of paper). Am I doing something wrong? Should the reservoir completely fill up each time, or do I have to repeat the steps to fill it until the reservoir is completely filled.

Thanks for any help you can provide a newbie.

Good Pens said...

Try this:

or you might need to fill it and see how much ink it is holding (fill, then empty and take note of the amount of ink.) (did you flush it out really well before you started? let me know if this helps.

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