Friday, October 10, 2008

Pour a little ink out on the ground

Last night I went to work on a drawing and grabbed a handful of the usual suspects and went off to work. 5 Minutes in, my cherished Edding 1880 Drawliner 0.1 pen decided to move on from this life to another. I have had this pen for a long time. A bigger view will show you how beaten up it is. I have no desire to even try to refill this one, or dip it in an inkwell to see if I can get a few more lines out of it. It sort of feels like 6 day old's just time to go, You were good...but sorry. Your time has come. Services will be held at 8:45 this morning, with an over the back toss into the trash can at 9:00 sharp. Good night, good pen, may your next life have bubbling rivers of Campo Marzio-Roma Fountain pen ink
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