Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The cheeseburger of pens.

Sorry for the later post today. I really did not want to buy into the hype around the Sharpie Pens. I thought it was a great idea that Sharpie made these, but I always loved Sharpies for being Sharpies! Sharpies equal- Permanent, thick and 10,000 of them in my drawer when I need them, but not as a writing pen. I caved though and picked up two at Staples or somewhere and I have to admit, I sort of am a fan.

It's not the first pen I will always grab when I need one, but if I happen pick it up when when I am writing, I don't throw it back. I have not found the niche for it yet. It's not for 3x5's... and I do not love it on moleskins...and writes a little thick for my to do list... I am not sure what it does well, but it seems to sort of just...well, it just goes. It's kind of like a cheeseburger from a fast food place, you don't really think you NEED it, but you still get one every now and then, because, really, what's the harm?
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Unknown said...

I have to say that I like the analogy, even if I am not planning on getting the pen. :-)

Toastie Callie said...

I got the Sharpie pen and love it for writing postcards - it's great for writing on glossy paper without being smudged...

However, I want to add that the felt tip gets worn out too easily. (I'm on the third pen in less than one week.) The felt tip gets worn down to the metal nub, and sometimes the metal part would scratch and rip the paper. It's quite unfortunate because I thought I found the perfect pen for writing postcards.