Friday, August 14, 2015

The Three Amigos

Like a lot of you, I buy pens. Sometimes= for all the wrong reasons. Some people tend to eat when they are bored...some people play games...I tend to make rash, odd pen purchases.  I generally remain within budget and try not to splurge and I think this is how I ended up with these Jinhao fountain pens. Probably off of Amazon, maybe off of Ebay or possible from Jetpens.  No clue.
They are cool looking right?  Nice beefy clip, nice colors, clear all around so you can see that ...yes, those are converters in there.  I am not positive, but I think these are the 599's.  (Which is also about what I think I paid for all three.)  I could be wrong on both of those assumptions.  

I am pretty sure I know what happened...I bought these, inked one up, decided they were a little too mediumy for my taste and tucked them away.  My nib taste has been running in the EXTRA fine mode for fountain pens lately and rarely go too far away from that. I think only one has been inked. It's a small, tidy, cheap sin... I know. 
Here's how they break down,  I know what you are saying.  Looks a lot like a Lamy.  Well who am I to assume that, but yes,  it's a little eerie. 
 Spooky World!

My Lamy has a black nib, so they are clearly not similar. Case Closed, Court Adjourned, Brady is a free man. 
But, really,  these are not terrible.  The nib is smooth,  it's not a overly light pen and when writing it has a nice balance to it.  This could be on the list of pens that if I lost, I wouldn't go crazy searching the house for it. (The Mrs. is still looking for her good set of keys by the way.)  

In other news,  (and speaking of eerie)  Lewis nailed the small little contest I held and with a few tips CRUSHED the test.  Lewis your prize is... pick one of the above pens,  I will clean it, buff it up and ship it out to you.  Give me a shout and it's a done deal. 

Bottom line (almost literally)  take a chance,  skip the Venti Extra Hot soy decaf latte and go buy a cheap pen.  Use it, or give it away.  No harm- no foul.  Everyone should have a few inked up just in case. 




Lewis said...

Thanks for the prize, Seth.

I thought the gameplay itself was rewarding enough.

I've sent you my address via the Find Me tab on this page.

Deepo said...

Nothing wrong with a cheap pen habit. I am a personal fan of this habit and plan to exercise it tomorrow at Kinokuniya in New Jersey (maybe another color Platinum or a couple of Pilot Preppys). Beats the "I'm on the Franklin Christoph web page and there's a gorgeous pen in the sale section...only $150. Ouch!

Ujjwal said...

Beats the "I'm on the
Blogger Templates Franklin Christoph web page and there's a gorgeous pen in the sale section...only $150. Ouch!

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