Monday, March 24, 2014

Where did I get this?

I really do hate the fact that I own a few pens that I have no idea where I got them from. I am not sure if that stems from the fact that I own a shit ton of pens or, if as I get older the brain stops remembering things in a crispy manner. The good news is- I am fairly certain I didn't steal this pen (especially if you are missing one of these.)  Here's the truth, as I write this,  I know little or nothing about this pen, other than it smells like the worst possible smelling pen that you can imagine.
 Here's what I know without Googling...
1. It's a demonstrator (ish)
2. Brown and gold, already not my favorite...
3. The smells... stanky, stanky, stanky.  I have finished up a 2.5 hour squash session with a fresher smelling...well you get the picture.
Let the Googling begin...well it says "Romus Majestic" on the side of the pen. Let's start there....there's a couple FPN it looks like it might be from India...and chances are I got it off of eBay.  Awesome.  I haven't honestly used this pen much,  inked up a few times,  but not my ideal daily carrier. (or is it?)
Here it is in all of its glory.  I am checking back on my eBay history as I speak....after spending 45 minutes on Reddit, I am back...Cool,  it seems like I bought this for a whopping $4.00.  That's crazy. 4 bucks! Sweet.  That's a cup of coffee.  I have said it before,  I will take ANY $4.00 fountain pen.
 If you own more than a couple hundred fountain pens... you understand what carefully ink and clean and organize and then you have 6 inked pens that you haven't used in 2 years.  OUCH. Welcome to the club. Case in point.  Agree to disagree. (I am aware this makes no sense to you.)
I don't hate the way this writes. I have been spoiled by a ton of EF point fountains lately so this is a little thick for my taste, but it's not horrible.  Nice filling mechanism,  writes very smoothly on the nib, lightweight pen.   But back to the smell.  I even rinsed this out a few times... the smell remains... somewhere between a small mammal in heat and a probably what Andy Dufresne smelled like near the end of the Shawshank Redemption tunnel escape scene.
Here's something that I wasn't expecting.  Flex. Click on this picture, make it bigger,  see the line widths. For this,  I will put up with the smell.
 Let me summarize for those of you that just skip to the bottom.
+ Demonstrator
+ Flex
+ $4.00
- The smells.

Worth it. Every penny.
Have a great day.

Good Pens.


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